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When Enough is Enough-My Midlife Wake Up Story

before after 11We have all heard the phrase, “midlife crisis,” but in my case, it was a midlife wake up…a wake-up call.

Throughout the last 18 years, I have had 4 children and have neglected my health and weight. I had never tried any fad diets or the latest crazed workout to lose weight.

In fact, I had never tried to lose a single pound and I had gained well over 60 pounds of fat! I suffered from and had accepted the fact that I had low self-esteem, low self-worth, and had resigned myself to the belief that I would always be fat and unhealthy…just like my relatives.

I thought to myself, “It’s in the genes, I might as well “wear” them and not ever try to lose weight or care about my health enough to change.”

I loved food and had a very unhealthy, dependent relationship with it. I loved to see it, smell it, and taste it…lots of it! If I were going to an event or on a date, my first thought was, “What are we eating?” That’s all that mattered…the food.

My Bad Habits

I’d spent the last 3 years working and volunteering at a school for upwards of 40 hours a week and sometimes more. I would skip breakfast and lunch and, of course, when it was time for dinner, I was starving! I would eat late and continue to eat even later into the night because I was a night owl and often watched television until 1:00 or 2:00 am, eating my way to a sick body instead of sleeping.

When I wasn’t working, I was eating. Sure, I wished that I had a healthy looking body (although it wasn’t a healthy body image that I was visualizing), but I never had the desire or belief that I could stand up off of the couch and get moving!IMG_2562

As the new school year approached last August, I decided to stop working and take a break from life! I was tired and wanted a change of pace. I did what needed to be done for my family, but in my free time, I would eat, nap, eat more and then nap more.

It was becoming a sad life and I knew that I wanted and needed help. Who wants to waste their life away? I didn’t! My 40th birthday was fast approaching and I wanted to make a change…a good, healthy change. I deserved it and so did my family.

Good Intentions, Poor Execution

I thought to myself that while my children were in school, I could start walking. I set the grand goal of walking 1,000 miles in 1 year starting in October when I turned 40. I am sure that you can guess what happened next…October came and went while I continued to sit on the couch and take naps.

In November, I remember watching a television show about the newest and best 10-day diet that would guarantee at least a 10-pound weight loss! The only catch was that you had to eat like a bird and they failed to mention what would happen to your weight loss dreams after the 10 days were over!

I spent that hour taking 4 pages of notes and soon felt overwhelmed with all that was expected and required. Whom could I believe? What weight loss company could I trust? How much money would I have to spend? Would I be one of the lucky 2-3% that would keep the weight off and maintain a healthy lifestyle on my own?

I was lost and felt even worse when thinking that I couldn’t possibly have enough power to lose the weight and keep it off!

Then, it all changed…

A New Approach

After 18 years of severe body image unhappiness, I became interested in my husband’s new job at IdealShape. I was intrigued and went to their website. The before and after stories quickly caught my attention.

Sure, I had seen plenty of before and after pictures and had read miraculous weight loss stories. I had watched the weight loss television shows (while eating 2 or 3 ice cream cones, a bag of chips, and drinking countless ounces of soda) and nothing ever really spoke to me like the IdealShape stories did.

They seemed real this time…real people sharing real life experiences and talking about a product that actually worked for them.

For once in my life, I started to believe!

You could imagine my surprise when I saw the incredible weight loss story of Ken and Kate. Together they had set a goal of walking 1,000 miles in one year and they lost a combined total of 89 lbs!

At that moment, something “clicked” for me and I told myself that I could do it! My 1,000 mile goal began 11-12-13. In December, I struggled with walking outside because of the frigid temperatures and I used that as an excuse to stay indoors and on the couch!

After Christmas, a friend asked if I had a gym membership. It had expired and really had never been used the entire year that I had it with the exception of an occasional family swim (talk about a waste of money). I knew that this was what I needed. I needed a gym membership and a buddy to go with. My adventure was beginning.

Going on an Adventure

I love to play with numbers and knew that I needed to make this experience fun, like a numbers game. I set a 48-week goal, broken into 4 12-week segments. My first 12-week goal was to lose 18 pounds and I achieved that goal at week 6!

During week 5, I had lost enough weight to weigh less than my husband, which was a great success! I was amazed with myself! In the beginning of my adventure, I was a solid 190 lbs.  I lost 29 lbs. during the first 12 weeks!

It was possible! I did it!

It started with IdealShape teaching me that I had to actually believe that I could achieve.

IMG_2570Visualizing Your Ideal Shape

Our minds are far more powerful than we realize and we have the potential to tap into our very own, greatest natural resource. Once I changed my mind about food, weight, and body image with the help of the IdealShape mind training CDs, it became very clear as to how I could achieve my IdealShape and, better yet, maintain my healthy lifestyle for my entire life.

IdealShape is not a diet. In my dictionary, the word “diet” is a four letter word and does not serve me well. Diets come and go, along with the short-lived weight loss. I have now started the 2nd leg of my adventure and cannot wait to see the before and after pictures in June.

I have developed new lifelong habits, cultivated a healthy self-esteem, and thrown out the unwanted garbage in my mind. I have become much happier, stronger, and healthier because of IdealShape…AND I am having FUN doing it!

If I Can Do It, You Can!

I know that you have heard people say, “If I can do it, you can.” Trust me, it’s true! Start by taking baby steps. It’s garbage day and you need to take the trash out of your mind! No more self-doubt. Believe that you can and you will! Then, get moving! Start walking, even 15 minutes a day.

You will surprise yourself at how much your body really is capable of. Starting small is better than not starting at all. As David Meine taught me in his CDs, ask yourself, “Is it worth it?”

Before shoving that “treat” into your mouth, ask yourself, “Is it worth it? What will it do to my body? What will it do to my mind? Am I even hungry? Is there a healthier alternative?”

You’ll be surprised how much control you can regain over you body by re-training your mind to make healthy choices. It takes some discipline and consistency especially at first, but after about a month of effort, you’ll create better habits and be on your way to your very own ideal shape!

What will your adventure be and when will you start?


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