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Best Schedule for Strength and Metabolic Training Workouts

workout scheduleSo in your dogged pursuit to lose weight and get healthy, you’ve come up with a butt kicking exercise program that’s going to melt those pounds right off. One hour each day with lots of cardio and a combination of HIITs and weight lifting.

It’s the perfect workout schedule for the best results, right?

Not exactly.

You see, you make your muscles bigger by breaking them down. When you do strenuous exercises, tiny tears are created into your muscles and when your body repairs these tears, it makes them stronger in order to avoid additional tearing in the future.

Giving your muscles time to repair is as important as breaking them down in the first place. Having at least one rest day per week and varying which muscles are targeted during each session is necessary to getting the best weight loss results.

There are other reasons you should incorporate a rest day, which can include sleeplessness, plateauing, and burnout,

So what’s the best workout schedule to maximize your weight loss, keep yourself motivated, and avoid the plateaus as much as possible?

There are three types of workouts and while there is some overlap between them they are the ones you should be focusing on. They are strength training, metabolic training, and core.

You also need to keep in mind things like muscle memory, which means you need to focus on different muscles during each exercise and different ways to use those muscles.

A good schedule would incorporate strength and metabolic training workouts every other day for 6 days and keep core worked in to keep things changing.


  • Day 1 – Strength
  • Day 2 – Metabolic, Core
  • Day 3 – Strength
  • Day 4 – Metabolic
  • Day 5 – Strength, Core
  • Day 6 – Metabolic
  • Day 7 – Rest

For a perfect example of how to set up a fitness regimen that uses these three styles and how to shift them for maximum results, check out the Shape Up Challenge page to learn more.

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