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Shocking Study: Stress causes Overeating

I read this article last week titled Stress gives rats and humans munchies.

stop-over-eatingIt was a really good article and gave some good information. But it wasn’t a shock to us that they found out if you stressed out mice(or humans) they would over eat.  Our clients have been telling us for years they eat more comfort foods when they get stressed out.  They even admit that they know it’s a temporary solution to the stress.  In many cases overeating eating only adds more stress to their lives.

In the study restricting food was used as the stimulus to create higher levels of stress for the mice. The mice responded by overeating once food was made readily available.

Interesting this sounds a lot like “dieting”? We try to do this great thing for our confidence and bodies by reducing our food intake only to increase our stress levels. Then when the stress levels get too high we look to comfort foods to cope with the stress. And we end up getting stuck in the dieting cycle. In our book “IdealShape for Life” we create a clear line between dieting and healthy eating.  When you start dieting your instantly goes into scarcity mode and wants more of the things you’re trying to cut out of your diet.

Think of it this way, when you tell yourself that you’re not going to eat chocolate anymore, what do you crave all day long?  You can’t stop thinking about chocolate and then when you do let yourself have some, you overeat it.  Our philosophy is that you’re not going on a diet, you’re just going to start eating healthier.  That you aren’t going to deprive yourself of anything that you really love, you’re going to plan it into your week.  You may have to start having smaller portions but you can still have that chocolate bar or those chips.

Many of our clients have told us that they use our hypnosis for weight loss CD’s to help them relax and lower stress levels in their everyday lives. By listening to the CD 15 minutes a day (or at times of stress), they relax and find that they don’t need to eat that comfort food to get through the situation.  One of our clients had a highly stressful job in the military and found that by using our CD’s he was able to better cope with lots of different situations that had stressed him out in the past.

In fact, in “Building A Foundation” we show you how to use water to destress. Water will become your new comfort liquid and you will be amazed how much this helps. Not only do you feel better immediately, but in the long run, you feel better because you’re creating a new, healthy habit for dealing with stress and decreasing temptation to eat junk food.

If you find that you instantly reach for comforts foods that aren’t good for you when you get stressed out you can be comforted by knowing that you’re in the majority of humans (and mice).  Realize it’s not a matter of will power.  You just need to recognize your stressed and find the tip that works best for you to relieve that stress without turning to food.

I would love to hear what works for you when you get stressed.  If you turn to food what foods do you like to eat when you’re stressed.

For additional ideas on to decrease your stress levels check out “10 ways to de-stress to shed pounds” .

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