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The ‘Harrowing’ Struggles of a Sugar Addict

sugar addict

Yesterday, my wife, Carla, wrote a great post about the negative effects of sugar and how I wanted her to help me cut down my sugar intake. Some of you might’ve wondered what she meant by saying that I was a ‘Sugar Addict‘. It has been hard to admit and come to terms with the fact that, for me, it’s a real issue. You might wonder how I have come to this conclusion. Well, for the last 6 months I have been working on an advanced degree in Motivation and the Human Mind. One of the obvious subjects was addiction and how to treat them.

When I was taking an exam there was a question as follows; “Select from the following multiple answers about addictions”.

  1. Treatable
  2. Curable
  3. Changeable
  4. Answers A and B

I selected answer number 4 and was very frustrated that I missed this question. The correct answer was treatable.

It was quite a jolt to learn that addictions are not considered curable.This led me down a very interesting path when I started thinking about my personal battle with sugar. For the last 2 years, I have worked on my ideal shape and a serious battle has been raging in my head with minimizing sugar in my diet. I remember describing the rush I get from a sugar high and how I can be moody or depressed if I haven’t gotten any sugar in my diet. It sounded just like some of the more detrimental addictions I’ve seen.

While studying the different forms of addictions I came across a consequence called Neuropathy. For the past 9 years I have suffered with pain in my feet called Neuropathy. My feet feel like they are on fire and wearing shoes is extremely painful. This personal medical issue launched me on a search for a possible holistic cure. The doctors say that my nerves in my feet have been breaking down for years.

During one of my 2 hour classes we had an instructor talk about his chemical addictions over a 20 year span and how he came to grips with it. During recovery (remember no addiction is cured) he talked about how he had a lapse. During this lapse he was at his home by himself after a car accident and was dealing with a lot of pain. He stated that he was lying in bed and his brain said he needed a fix. He spent the next 2 hours tearing his home apart by pulling up carpets, tearing off baseboards, pulling out every drawer and spilling the contents, pulling apart furniture, and pulling out everything in closets till he found a powerful illegal drug that he could smoke. After 2 hours he needed another one and once again he was in the clutches of his addiction.

This story made me think about the battle I have been having with sugar in regards to my feet and my body weight. During the last 2 months while working at home there have been occasions when I have torn through the house looking for candy, chocolate, sweets, etc… I have even gone into my daughters room to see if she had any candy hidden. Almost daily if there are some sugar treats around the house I will look to see if anyone is watching and if not I sneak the treat to a location in the house where no one can see me eat it. There are times when my wife is going into our bedroom and I know that I have seconds to grab a dessert, put it in my mouth and get it swallowed before she can catch me.

Over the last couple of years I have asked my wife a number of times to help me cut down seriously on sugar. I have read multiple articles and studies on how too much sugar will affect the health of the body and mind. Some days I can resist and then other days I am like a crazy man on a hunt for a sugar fix.

With the knowledge that I have gained about addictions and their consequences, I truly believe that I am a sugar addict. Currently I am working on a program that can help treat my addiction. It is now a relief to know that this sugar addiction is not curable but, “it is treatable” No longer do I have to tell anyone around me that they can overcome sugar for health, weight loss, or personal reasons. What they can do about sugar addiction is treat it, deal with it, create coping skills, and get their sugar from more than 100 pounds a year to a more manageable amount.

A final note, go look and see how much sugar alcohol has in it, cigarettes have in it, process foods have in it, any drink that is not water has in it, and you may come to the same conclusion that I have. In the following weeks I will share more about my journey with my “SUGAR ADDICTION”

It’s important for me to mention that while I talk about the negative effects that sugar has had on me, personally, I know this isn’t the case for everyone. Everybody’s body responds to food/drugs/alcohol differently and I’m certainly not calling sugar a gateway drug or anything along those lines. Some might even think ‘If sugar is your only vice, you’re doing pretty good’ and I agree with you to a point. As I explained, sugar has had overreaching negative effects on my health and for me, personally, it’s something that I’ve decided I want to work on. Sugar, like everything else can be completely fine in moderation.

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