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Is Hypnosis a Weight Loss Tool That Really Works?

Is Hypnosis a Weight Loss Tool That Really Works?

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It is not surprising that many people view hypnosis for weight loss with a great deal of skepticism. Most of us usually think of hypnosis as a magician’s trick that he uses to make a member of the audience crow like a rooster or perform silly tricks. Contrary to that belief, however, both hypnosis and hypnotherapy have been around for centuries and are considered by many to be very successful methods of helping people change their habits.

While using hypnosis for weight loss is still considered to be a relatively new method of treatment, it has long been used to help people stop smoking, deal with insomnia and a plethora of other problems that no other form of treatment has been successful in treating. The truth for most people is that while they desperately want to lose weight, they have tried all of the diets on the market and been unsuccessful. This can lead to the mistaken belief that they are simply incapable of losing weight.

Once this happens, the only way to achieve weight loss may be to access the subconscious mind where the defeated psyche is hiding. Even though the person is not aware of it, there is a part of their subconscious mind that is telling them they are never going to lose weight, no matter what they do or what diet they try. The goal of using hypnosis for weight loss is to reach that inner voice and retrain it to believe that the person can lose weight.

In most people it is this same little “voice” that creates the cravings which cause them to overeat or cheat on their diets. Weight loss hypnosis can be used to train the subconscious mind to associate unpleasant effects such as nausea with indulging—or even just thinking about—food cravings like chocolate or potato chips. It can also be used to train a person’s subconscious mind to think in terms of healthier foods and focus on exercise.

When used for weight loss, hypnosis is intended to help retrain the subconscious mind to eat a more healthy diet and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Hypnosis is only intended to help the person get started down the right road until new habits are in place and their own second nature takes over. However, it should be pointed out that hypnosis is only one part of the complete picture and the person must be willing to commit to the weight loss program by eating right and exercising. Even after being hypnotized it is possible to fall back into old habits if you don’t make a conscious effort to progress.

If you are tired of the endless ups and downs of dieting and are ready to combine a weight loss program with hypnosis, you need to take a look at the program offered by Ideal Shape. Here you will find a complete program designed to help you lose excess weight and keep it off while getting your body more physically fit. Our weight loss hypnosis cds are created by our own hypnotherapist, David Meine, Weight loss hypnosis can provide a simpler path to weight loss than spending a fortune on diet pills or spending hours in the gym trying to sweat off the pounds.

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