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Hi, I’m David Meine, the creator of the IdealShape motivational weight loss CD series. My personal health and fitness have always been very important to me. Twenty-six years ago I was given a cassette tape that allowed me to lose 10 pounds in 30 days. I didn’t realize until eighteen years later how powerful and influential that experience was.


That realization came while talking to my foster dad, Tom Nightingale. One evening while watching the sun set on his back porch, he told Carla and me that he had lost and gained over a thousand pounds during his lifetime. While he was telling me this, I thought, “Oh my gosh, could the secret that I learned eighteen years ago on that cassette tape help him?” Carla and I decided that night that we had to put together a program that would help him get to a healthy weight and improve his quality of life.

With Tom as our motivation, Carla and I invited fifteen men and women, including Tom, on a 3 day retreat. At this retreat we revealed a road map to achieving their ideal shape, and most importantly the secret to staying there. We gave each individual Brain Food, meal replacement shakes, multivitamins, and a weight loss supplement. Over the next 6 months, Tom lost 120 pounds. We were all so excited, but we held our breath, wondering if he would be able to keep the weight off. For the next five years he did not gain the weight back. Unfortunately, he passed away in April of 2008.

Twenty-six years ago, that little cassette tape introduced me to a powerful way to train the brain. It’s a funny thing: every success in life requires the right mindset. For some people, that mindset comes naturally. For others, it has to be developed.

The reality is that your brain is very much like a computer. It can be programmed for success or for failure. It has already been programmed whether you like it or not. If you’re a typical yo-yo dieter and struggle to maintain a healthy weight, it’s a fairly clear indication of how your mind is currently programmed.

DeathtoStock_Medium8I can help you train your brain for successful weight loss.

Tom used this brain training to make simple changes that resulted in a dramatic change in his appearance and quality of life. IdealShape motivational weight loss CDs will provide the nourishment your mind needs to create positive emotions and healthy new habits. These audio books allow you to program your mind and body to get the results that you want.

You are the producer, the director, and the star of this movie. You have the power within you to take back control and achieve your ideal shape. The only limits are within your own mind. And your mind has no limits.

As you know, you have two minds: a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is your normal daily awareness. When you wake up in the morning and begin to think about what to do that day, that’s your conscious mind thinking those thoughts. It makes your plans and decisions, thinks through problems, and organizes your life. It’s often who we think we are, but it’s really just our conscious thought processes.

In fact, while you’re awake, your conscious mind cannot really stop thinking. Unfortunately, a majority of these thoughts can be negative. And this is what affects our weight loss results. Your conscious mind is probably responsible for most of your worst yo-yo dieting! It’s quite possible that your conscious mind regularly thinks distracting, depressing thoughts: failure, doubt, fear, worry, and anxiety. And these thoughts create major problems in your weight loss efforts. If we think certain negative thoughts often enough, they can create beliefs, which cause negative patterns to occur that affect our minds and our bodies.


The good news is that you posses a highly powerful subconscious mind, which can be responsible for all of your success. It’s the sleeping giant inside you which most people aren’t even aware. But successful individuals know the power of the subconscious very, very well. Your subconscious mind is your inner intelligence, which runs virtually every part of your life automatically. It’s awake 24 hours a day, and even without you knowing or thinking about it, it’s coordinating countless functions: your heartbeat, breathing, circulation, elimination, cell regeneration, and more. It keeps you alive.

The subconscious mind takes commands from your conscious mind and obeys instructions without question. It doesn’t matter if the command is positive or negative, intelligent or stupid. Your subconscious simply acts on the command the way a computer responds to your keyboard, no questions asked.

In fact, your subconscious is so computer-like in the way it operates that if you vividly imagine that you’re changing your body shape, it will actually send the very same electrical impulses to your brain that it would send if you really were changing your body shape. It cannot tell the difference between reality and something that is vividly imagined.

Your subconscious mind also contains all of your beliefs about your body shape. The key is to rewrite all of the beliefs on the disk of your subconscious mind. This will transform your body from the inside out. We do this using a combination of techniques in my motivational CD series. The first and most powerful technique is visualization.

Are you ready to train your brain and transform your life?




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