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Summer Calorie Burn. Things you’re probably already doing to get fit.

3200 Calories. That’s a good number to focus on if you’re trying to lose weight.

When we think about counting calories, the first thing that comes to mind is counting how much we’re consuming. That’s a great thing to do to get an idea of what our intake is versus what it should be, but what else can you do with that number?

How about predict your weight loss.

Let’s do some math! (I know, I know, it’s terribly boring but this information is going to help you I promise) We’re going with averages so results may vary. Now, on average, if a 24 hour period is spent sitting down 16 hours and sleeping for 8 hours then you will burn a total of 1350 Calories. That is pretty much the absolute minimum calories you can burn.

The goal is that for every 3200 extra calories that you burn over what you eat each day, you’re going to drop 1 pound.

Now, we’ve focused a lot on healthy exercise and eating right, but how do we get the little bonuses? How do we burn calories with the little activities? Well here’s a list of 10 common tasks and the amount of calories you’re burning with them. It’s summer so a few of them directly relate to summertime activities.

Yard work

Cleaning out the gutters, pulling weeds and mowing the lawn can actually burn more calories than you might think. You’re putting out about 240 calories per hour, which is a 190 more than sitting.

Leisurely Swimming

I’m not talking laps in a pool, because that’s going to burn a lot more. This is swimming in the lake/pool and generally enjoying our time. With this, you’re also going to burn 240 calories an hour depending on your activity level in the water.

General House Cleaning

Sweeping/Mopping/vacuuming puts you at 200 calories per hour.


This is going to get you a surprising 300 calories an hour. (It’s probably more for me with all the time I spend walking through high brush and throwing golf clubs with all my might)


Playing with your dog burns 300 calories an hour.

Washing the Dishes

If you hate this chore as much as me, you’d probably prefer 2 hours of rigorous exercise over scrubbing dishes. Just keep in mind you’re burning about 135 calories an hour.

Rock out!

If you’re playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero with your kids, the bonding moment is burning 190 calories an hour.

Roller Skating

If you’re more coordinated than I and enjoy roller skating during the summer, you’re going to burn 400 calories an hour.

Ping Pong

Show your friends who’s boss and burn 240 calories at the same time. (Important note: beer pong is a significantly worse way to burn calories)

Leisurely strolls

Take your kids to the park, picking up groceries, or just generally walking is going to burn 150 calories an hour.

So there you have it. We all need to be exercising on a regular basis but there’s a lot of fun/mandatory ways we can feel that calorie burn. When trying to hit that 3200 mark, every little bonus counts. Good luck and try to make this your Ideal summer.

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