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10 Super Foods to Make Your Shake An Awesome Smoothie

strawberry smoothieWhen it comes to shakes sometimes we want to try something a little bit different, but we don’t want to pack on the calories or maybe we want to enhance the nutritional content. To that end, here’s 10 super foods to consider when turning your shake into a smoothie.

1 – Spinach

Spinach can actually be one of the go-to veggies to add to a shake. Not because it tastes terrific, but more because spinach is almost flavorless. Not only do you enhance your shake with one of the best veggies for you, the only cost to the appeal of the shake is likely giving it a green color. Otherwise, the shake will mostly stay the same , but for the awesome health benefits provided by spinach.

2- Greek Yogurt

Yogurt’s a great way to add a creamier texture to the smoothie and also a great way to add flavor as it comes it a plethora of different types. Greek yogurt is gaining some ground in health food circles as it provides double the protein at half the sugar.

3- Almond Milk

Many of our customers are already mixing their regular shakes with the almond milk but if you haven’t yet, it might be worth a test. Almond milk has some health benefits along the lines of most other varieties of milk, but at fewer calories.

4 – Oatmeal/Flax Seed

Looking to add a little fiber to your shake? Oatmeal blends well and ends up thickening up your shake a bit while adding in some awesome benefits. Flax seeds are becoming a popular food item for pretty much the same reasons. They are a great source of fiber and amino acids.

5 – Blueberries

Fruits as a general rule are a great way to flavor your shake, but blueberries have quite a few additional benefits that put them higher in the nutritional category. For starters they have the highest antioxidant capacity of all fresh fruit. We could probably make an entire article on fruits alone so we won’t try to mention too many beyond blueberries and…

6 – Bananas

Most Americans aren’t getting their levels of fiber so you’ll notice it’s popping up a quite a bit in the benefits category. Bananas add a great texture and flavor and are a great source of potassium. Definitely worth considering.

7 – Raw Eggs/Egg Beaters

This is a trick I’ve heard, but honestly haven’t tried. We should start with the salmonella thing. While most eggs are safe, even raw eggs have about a 1 in 30,000 chance of containing salmonella, something to consider. However eggs are a great source of protein and vitamins including A and B-12. If you’re concerned about the avidin/biotin binding with the egg whites you can cook the egg whites in the microwave beforehand.

8 – PB2

I’m throwing this out there even though a lot of our customers are already using PB2 in their shakes. PB2 is an alternative to peanut butter which tastes nearly identical with 85% less fat and calories than regular peanut butter. Your health food store might carry some, though most people just buy it online.

9 – Walnuts

Not a fan of PB2 and still looking to add a nutty flavor to your smoothie? Well, walnuts rank higher than pretty much all the others in terms of health. Walnuts contain about double the density of antioxidants for you when compared side by side with other nuts. It’s also a great source of fiber and protein.

10 – Avocados

Did I say no more fruits? Well, avocados are technically fruits, but they do provide some great texture to shakes along with being a good source of fiber, potassium, and vitamins C and K.

So are you using any of these ingredients in your smoothies? Did you get any ideas? If you’ve got some suggestions of your own (10 isn’t nearly enough to highlight all the great ways to improve your shake) let us know in the comments!

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