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Supplementing Your Weight Loss with Whey Protein

whey proteinWhey protein is an important topic in the weight loss industry. Today we will be discussing how whey protein stacks up to other protein sources and how it can benefit you.

Whey Protein vs. Other Protein Sources

Whey Protein is the king of proteins when it comes to absorption and utilization by the body. In fact, it is far above other  proteins when it comes to supporting lean muscle mass. This is due to its amazing amino acid profile, which are the building blocks of muscle proteins.

If you are trying to lose weight this is great news. One of the biggest problems individuals face when trying to lose weight is the simultaneous loss of lean muscle mass. This loss of muscle mass can actually leave you feeling weak and tired during daily activities, which is in part what most of us are trying to get away from when attempting to lose weight.

Because of this, supplementing with whey protein during weight loss and getting an adequate supply of protein from whole food sources in your diet is very important to fighting this muscle catabolism. The amount of protein one should be taking in daily will vary by the person but the CDC recommends about 46 grams of protein per day for women and about 56 grams per day for men.

Whey Protein and Exercise

Because whey protein is absorbed and utilized so efficiently by the body, it is perfect for pre and post workout supplementation. In addition to supporting lean muscle mass, whey protein contains key amino acids that support blood flow and nutrient delivery to give you the energy you need during your workout. Taking whey protein after your workout will give your muscles what they need to recovery quickly and more completely.

Taking Ideal Shake is a great way to supply your body with quality whey protein before and after your workout. It contains 11 grams of protein per scoop with whey protein being the main source of protein. Mix it with some fruit to give your body fast acting carbohydrates to support energy levels during your workout.

When to Take Whey Protein

As mentioned above, whey protein is a perfect choice for a pre or post workout snack. You can also supplement with whey protein during any other part of your day in order to meet your daily protein needs. Our Smoothie Book is a great place to find delicious, healthy recipes for any time of the day.

Basically any time you need an awesome source of quality protein, whey protein is a great choice.


If you are losing weight and regularly exercising to do so, whey protein is a great choice for you. You will be better able to support the lean muscle mass that is so important to an overall healthy lifestyle. So, give whey protein a try and find out if it is right for you.

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