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Everyone Needs A Support System to Lose Weight

support systemUnfortunately I’ve been hooked into a TV show, which doesn’t usually happen to me. Thanks to some recommendations from friends and some clever advertising that included Rulon Gardner, someone I’ve always liked I’m now officially hooked on this seasons Biggest Loser. There is no doubt that the things that go on during this show are amazing. Bob, Jillian, and the two “unknown” trainers really do a fantastic job at pushing those contestants to do their best and lose the weight.

But one thing really stood out to me this season. If you’ve watched you’ve seen the majority of the contestants that have been booted off so far go home and not be able to achieve the goals they wanted. They did continue to lose weight but no where near where they were at the ranch and some, if not most, were disappointing to me. People drop double digits weekly on that show and then many go home to lose only 20 or 30 more pounds. This really got me thinking. Why aren’t they continuing to lose the weight? They have all the exercise, health, and nutrition education from the ranch but just aren’t doing the things they need. These contestants vowed on their departures that the next time we saw them they wouldn’t be the same. While 25 pounds is a great accomplishment, they lost much more weight in a shorter period of time on the ranch. Where’s the gap?

My brilliant mind looked at this and pondered back on the episodes (which unfortunately is a lot) and tried to think what it was. Well, there are a couple of things. One being they are back in the real world and having to deal with work, spouses, children, and many other stressors, which we all know can put a damper on weight loss. But I think the real reason is a lack of a support system. People at home don’t know or understand the daily struggles and how important it is to eat right, or even how to eat right so they’re are unintentionally forcing these former contestants into unfair temptations that they are probably too week to over come, how else would they have got to 300+ pounds.

If you’re trying to lose weight it’s important that you find yourself a good support system. Someone that will push you, help you, and motivate you. And they should also know about nutrition. They need to understand what you’re going through and not try and temp you. Or maybe you should become that motivational person for someone else. Encourage them, educate them, and push them close to their breaking point, maybe not quite Jillian Michaels style though.

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