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Why We Use the Sweeteners We Do


Are artificial sweeteners good or bad?

Good question: Let’s talk.

We spend months researching every ingredient that goes into our products in order to provide you with the highest quality, safest, and most effective weight loss products on the market.

If an ingredient isn’t safe, we don’t use it.

There’s a reason why we use the sweeteners that we do, let me show you.


Sucralose is a zero calorie sweetener synthesized from sugar. It’s an important element of IdealShake as well as IdealBoost. At IdealShape we aim to produce delicious, weight loss promoting, SAFE products.

Taste is a big deal for us because we know all too well that it doesn’t matter how good something is for you, when it comes down to it, if it doesn’t taste good, you’re not going to be able to use it for any lasting amount of time. Of course, even taste comes second to the need to make products that are safe and healthy.

We’ve tried many competitors’ products to see how they match up and we’re always baffled that some companies can stand to produce products where the taste is barely tolerable. Contrary to popular belief, healthy products can be good for you AND taste good.

How is that even possible? Sucralose!


In side-by-side taste tests with sugar, Splenda® (a brand name of sucralose) is the sweetener that has the closest flavor profile. It has a similarly sweet, clean flavor with minimal aftertaste, unlike many other sweeteners. But, because sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar, we can use very little (less than 1 gram per serving in both IdealShake and IdealBoost) in our products while still achieving a sweet tooth satisfying taste!

So… why not use sugar?

Well, even though we want IdealShake and IdealBoost to satisfy your sweet tooth, we want to avoid all of the health issues that accompany sugar like:

  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • obesity and weight gain
  • cancer
  • addiction
  • premature aging

Sugar, especially here in the US, is one of the biggest contributors to obesity, and that’s scary. One in every eight Americans is dying from an obesity-related illness.

Safety and health is more important to us than anything else. Adding large amounts of sugar in order to sweeten our shakes just wasn’t worth the effects it could have on your health.

Sucralose is simply misunderstood. It has all the sweetness of sugar without the adverse effects, which makes people think there must be a catch.

But in reality, sucralose is great because it does not cause:

  • tooth decay
  • cancer
  • genetic changes
  • birth defects

and it has no effect on:

  • carbohydrate metabolism
  • short- or long-term blood glucose control
  • insulin secretion
  • male or female reproduction
  • the immune system

We understand that there is concern about potential health risks. The Center for Science in the Public Interest recommends caution in consuming sucralose, but there are contradicting studies for each of the negative claims made. Plus, some of the negative claims being made are based on studies which were funded by the sugar industry.

But, what most people don’t know is that sucralose was approved by the FDA based on more than 110 studies that proved that it’s safe to consume. Unlike sugar which does have many commonly known and recognized health risks and dangers.

Acesulfame Potassium

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This is another zero calorie sweetener that we use in IdealShake and when paired with sucralose it produces a flavor that is even closer to sugar (a.k.a. it makes for an even tastier shake!). We use less than half a gram of this no calorie sweetener in our shakes because it is 200 times sweeter than sugar.

We use acesulfame potassium for the same reason we use sucralose: A great, sugar-like taste without all of the calories and health dangers that come with eating sugar.

In addition, acesulfame potassium has a high temperature tolerance and can be baked and still retain the sweetness of a normal sugar and keep the low-calorie count. The stability makes it a healthier and less risky sweetener because it is not easily broken down at high temperatures.


Glucose is the main source of energy used by your body. Every part of your body uses glucose as an energy source. Your body naturally breaks carbohydrates down into these basic and easily used units.

We include glucose in IdealBar because it is an easily digested energy source. Sustained energy comes from eating both simple and complex carbohydrates. Eating both allows you to get energized quickly and stay energized for a longer period of time between meals.

But, because glucose is a simple sugar, we make sure to include very little in IdealBar.

Organic Brown Rice Syrup

Organic brown rice syrup is another sweetener we use in IdealBar. It is a caloric sweetener that is created by breaking down brown rice to produce a sweet, brown syrup that is essentially 100% glucose.

The best thing that can be said about brown rice syrup is that it does not contain fructose. Fructose (think high-fructose corn syrup) is a dangerous form of sugar that is derived mostly from fruit. Of course if you eat fructose in fruit form, it’s not a big deal because it’s also accompanied by plenty of fiber.

That’s why we choose to use glucose based sweeteners instead. It’s pretty potent though as far as sweetness goes so we don’t have to use much. And because it’s a syrup it allows IdealBar to stay moist and chewy!


various types of sugar

The third sweetener we use in IdealBar is plain, old sugar. We mentioned earlier the dangers that can potentially accompany sugar. It’s true that sugar in large doses can be a real danger to your health. Sugar can contribute to weight gain, diabetes and more!

But, by using other sweeteners alongside sugar we’re able to use a reasonable amount that won’t threaten your health. And because we balance the sugar content in IdealBar with fiber, protein, and healthy fats you get a nutritionally balanced snack bar that tastes good and can also help you lose weight.

Bringing It All Together

At IdealShape we strive to produce products that taste good and help you lose weight but above all we care about your safety and health. We are constantly doing research and weighing our options in order to reach those goals. Based on all of the research we’ve done (and we’ve done a lot) these are best and safest sweeteners out there!

Want to learn more about sugar and artificial sweeteners (stay tuned, we have more information on the way)? In the meantime, check out this post! Find out why your body craves the sweet stuff to begin with. 

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