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What Is Your Target Heart Rate?

Have you ever started out on a voyage only to find that you have no idea how to get to your destination? I have and I know from experience that it can be a very frustrating thing. It is really annoying to go around in circles trying to find something in a place you are not familiar with. The thing that can be even more frustrating is knowing you probably could have gotten some help before you started on your journey. For example, you could have asked someone who is familiar with the area how to get to your destination.


Losing weight can be very similar to going on a voyage. It’s hard to know exactly how to get to your destination. If you have ever started a weight loss journey on your own you may have found yourself getting lost and frustrated only to end up giving up. By learning how to use some key weight loss tools, the journey can become much more enjoyable and successful.


During the IdealShape Up Challenge we have provided you with some of these important tools: a complete workout and nutrition program, our supportive community and a way to get your questions answered. Today we are going to provide you with another tool that can be a great asset towards reaching and maintaining your weight loss goals. That tool is the knowledge of your target heart rate.



What is a Target Heart Rate?



Target heart rate is incredibly important when it comes to effective exercise. Simply put, target heart rate is the pace at which your heart should be beating in order to reach the level of exertion necessary to consider your exercise as cardiovascular activity.


During prolonged cardiovascular activity, the body uses fat as fuel to keep it going. This means that your body basically turns into a fat burning machine. Because fats are the main source of energy that fuel your body during cardiovascular activity, it is only obvious that reaching the target heart rate is very important when trying to reduce body fat. However, many people have never heard of the target heart rate and therefore do not know how to apply it into their training, which results in a lack of fat loss efficiency.


If you think back through past experiences you have probably seen others make the mistake of casually pedaling along on their stationary bide at the gym while talking to a friend next to them. This person is most likely not training at their target heart rate. While some activity is definitely better than none at all, it is still much more efficient to train at a level where you get an optimal level of fat burning. After all, this is what we all want right?


So, by reaching your target heart rate and maintaining it over a prolonged period of time during the cardiovascular workouts of the IdealShape Up Challenge you will be able to achieve an optimal fat burning experience. By achieving this level of fat burning during cardiovascular activity combined with the strength training portions of the challenge, you will be that much more successful in building lean muscle mass while lowering your bodyweight.


In next week’s article, we are going to show you how to compute your target heart rate in order to achieve this optimal level of fat burning. Additionally, our IdealShake, is an awesome way to get essential nutrients back into your body after a workout to help your muscles recover, promoting lean muscle growth.
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