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Thank You To All Our IdealShapers

thank youIn December of 2010, I was just getting back to America after a few months teaching English in China. It was a great, albeit difficult, experience but that’s another story. When I landed home I knew I had to find a job. I had been asked to look into IdealShape and to be perfectly honest, I was skeptical.

Weight loss was not my area of expertise and I had a personal distaste for the entire dieting industry. I looked at their site, which was…rough around the edges to say the least and didn’t know if this was the right place for me. However, when I sat down with Dave, Skyler, and Carla they helped me understand their vision. I quickly found that this was a company who not only understood my problems with the dieting world, but were also tired of it themselves!

In January of 2011 I jumped in headfirst to see where this little company would go. The company had started as a small fitness/training group and now wanted to spread the message globally. These were the slow times, but you could see that every person here believed the message, and believed in the product.

My job title was writer, but I found myself on the phones doing customer service. (I apologize to anyone that had to speak to me, I’m not built for that!) I had a very large copy of “HTML, CSS and PHP for Dummies” on the corner of my desk, where I learned to do basic programming to help construct the site. I got Photoshop and learned some graphic design to help out as well though my artistic side more inclined to words……pictures are not my thing.

This image took me 4 hours to make…

But this was how it was for everyone. We were a small team doing the job of a “real company” so job titles meant little. It was all about getting the message out there.

It has now been a year and boy things have changed! Most noticeably with the new site that launched this week. The company has grown unbelievably in the last 12 months. And, in the end, we know it’s you guys that make us successful. The meal replacement shakes and the supplements are great tools that we offer, but it’s the brain training and the message “Diets need to die!” that keeps us doing what we do.

So, I would like to thank you guys. Our IdealShapers out there that have taken the ball and run with it. Those of you who have found success, and passed on the message to your friends. The reviews that we’ve received from people willing to look past our somewhat shoddy exterior and see the gem that this company is trying to show.

This year we’re going to polish the edges, but our core values will not change. Thank you so much for the most successful year we’ve ever had, and pat yourself on the back for not jumping on a 3 month weight loss fad. This isn’t about losing weight; it’s about living healthy and happy. So let’s make this the year that we put the final nail in Dieting’s coffin. Let’s make this the year that you get to say: “I found my ideal shape, and I’m keeping it this way!”

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