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The 12 Best Fitness Apps for the New Year


fitness appsI know what you’re thinking, Christmas is still a few weeks away, and you’ll worry about New Year’s when the stress dies down.

It’s what a lot of us do, and it’s why a lot of us aren’t getting anything done. You see, the problem with New Year’s Resolutions is that we set them on January 1st, and try to get everything started that day. You’re a new person. One that gets things done! Unfortunately, this doesn’t tend to work. In fact, those who fail to plan resolutions in advance are half as successful as those who do!

To that end, we’ve found some great fitness apps (most of them free) that can really help you be successful this time around. So get planning and check out these nifty little helpers!

For the Planning Stages

Fitter Fitness Calculator (FREE)

This app is a great place to start when you’re thinking of setting your goals. This will help you do all the calculations to give you a starting position. You can see your BMI (Body Mass Index) and BMR (Base Metabolic Rate) to find out how many calories your body burns naturally. This gives you a great way to set what your daily caloric limit should be.

Apps for Nutrition

Fooducate (FREE)

Fooducate is an awesome little tool to have while you do your grocery shopping. Just scan the barcode of any food and it will tell you the benefits/pitfalls of the product you’re looking at. If it doesn’t measure up, it will even make a recommendation of what to get instead.

Meal Snap ($0.99)

Meal Snap is from the folks at Daily Burn and great for those of us that don’t want to calculate every single calorie. Just take a photo of your food and it will give you a ballpark estimate of the calories you’re about to consume. While the range can be ambiguous (This could be between 100-400 calories) it’s pretty helpful to get a general idea of how much you’re consuming.

Shake a Snack ($0.99)

One of our big questions when we tell people they should be eating 3 small meals and 2 healthy snacks daily is “what should my snack be?” It’s hard for us to answer because we don’t know your taste! Shake a snack will generate great 100-300 calorie snack ideas based on 3 ingredients. It can be customized to what you like and helps for those times when we’re plagued by indecision!

Lose It (FREE)

This is a calorie counting app to help track your calorie input vs calorie output. A great way to see how your weight loss goals are coming.

Good Food Near You (FREE)

Good food near you takes the GPS position of your phone and tries to find healthy places nearby to recommend. Great for anyone that travels a lot or if you just want to find some new healthier places in your area. Be warned, just because it’s on the app doesn’t mean you can go wild. Panda Express tends to show up because they have a vegetable dish that can be considered healthy. Doesn’t mean that their fried egg rolls are on the menu!

Food and Nutrition (FREE)
Wellness Tip of the Day (FREE)

Did you know that apple juice with pulp contains 4x the amount of antioxidants than without? Well if you had one of these great educational apps, you might’ve! If you want to learn more about little changes you can make to be healthier, these apps make a great little helper.

Fitness Apps

Nike Training Club (FREE)

Want a personal trainer for your workouts? Can’t afford it? Yeah…neither can I. This app will have to do. Set your mp3s to sync with a training routine programmed for you based on your level of fitness and the intensity/length of the workout. Everything you need to set up a gym at home! (Well, that and bar bells which it asks you to grab on occasion)

Map My Fitness (FREE)

A great app for the outdoor runner. Map my fitness will help you create running routes based on where you are, how far you want to run, and where you want to end. Nike Plus GPS will track your pace and record your previous mapped runs to help track your improvements.

Easy 5k with Jeff Galloway ($1.99)

What better way to start running than to train with an olympic medalist? Jeff Gallaway’s app is divided into two categories. First it has a 7 week training regimen for those of us that are novices and want to get up to running the 5k, and the 2nd area is how to train to improve your times once you’re running the full distance. Beginners and expert runners alike will find this to be an amazing app.


We swear Nike isn’t sponsoring this post! Their BOOM app is pretty sweet for sports training. It will help you create a exercise program based on the specific sport you play. Also, did you feel that your fitness routine lacked professional athletes yelling motivational phrases at you? Well, not anymore! Just hit the “BOOM” button and you’re good to go!

Fitocracy (FREE)

Alright, this one isn’t exactly an app, but I definitely love the site. As a nerd, this site creates a fun way to help get motivated by turning your fitness into a social game. Level up and play with friends and keep yourself enjoying the little things. While it can be exploited by the overly competitive friend, it’s a great idea and worth a look!

(Fitocracy is still in testing phases so you need to ask for an invite, or find someone already on it.)

Got some apps that you just can’t live without? Let us know in the comments. We’re always looking for great new tools to help us keep on track.

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