IdealShape Featured on The Balancing Act


IdealShape Featured on The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV

IdealShape is pleased to announce our participation in the ‘A Lifetime of Health and Wellness Makeover’ series on Lifetime television. The segment is featured on the show, The Balancing Act that airs weekday mornings at 7 AM. Our segment will appear on July 16th, be sure to tune in!

For those of you who may not have caught, ‘A Lifetime of Health and Wellness’ before now, the segment began 5 months ago when they took four women and paired them with personal trainers to help them lose weight while continuing their busy lives. They have sampled many products and routines over the last five months and recently they began looking into meal replacement shakes.

When the producers approached us, they loved the meal replacement shake and the brain training intrigued them. Some of the women were struggling with the common mental hurdles in their weight loss that many of us experience. We decided that we wanted to help. David Meine, our brain guru, and our CEO, Carla Meine, flew out to Florida and taped a segment showing the women how our products might help them be successful on their weight loss journey.

We are incredibly proud of the meal replacement shake we’ve formulated. We’ve made a shake that was healthy and still tasted great while filling you up with our patented hunger blocker. All of this we’ve accomplished while keeping the cost of the shake under $2 per serving.

It was a great experience and it’s always nice to shine more light on our brain training. A large portion of healthy living is in your head. If you believe you can do it, if you can understand your triggers, and if you can override those triggers with new, more positive habits then you can create success that will not fade away in a few months. Our brain training helps get your head in line with your lifestyle goals.


Reanna Lost 65 Pounds!

Ideal Shape had the best reviews and the reviews all had one thing in common, people liked the taste of the shakes from Ideal Shape. I ordered the chocolate shake mix and patiently waited for it to arrive. I was so excited and I knew my mind set had changed. I was really ready to get my weight under control. The day it arrived at my door I ripped the box open and made my first shake. The reviews didn’t mislead me. It really did taste good! I knew right then I had found the tool that was going to help me. I went onto the Ideal Shape website and Facebook page and read everything I could.

I am now 65 pounds lighter and I have 35 pounds to go until I reach my goal weight. I know it will happen for me. I am so thankful to the Ideal Shape team for bringing the world a product that actually works. They may have just saved my life. I tell everyone I know about Ideal Shape and I pray that my success can motivate others.


90-Day Health and Wellness Makeover Giveaway

IdealShape is giving away a 90-day package that includes our entire transformation kit. You will get a 3 month supply that includes our brain training CDs, IdealShape For Life book, a blender bottle, and meal replacement shakes. To help ensure your success, winners will also receive 4 1 on 1 sessions with David Meine, our brain training guru and 3 personal sessions with AskFitnessCoach’s Skyler Meine. This is an over $1000 value, completely FREE! To enter just submit your full name and email in the form below!