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The Calorie Battle Implodes


How Many Calories Do You Naturally Burn in a Day?

As a weight loss expert I believe the Calorie Battle has been imploding for years. It’s a very bold statement for me to make, but it needs to be said.

What does “The Calorie Battle Implodes” mean? I’ll start with a story. Every day, I have contact with individuals who want to understand why they can’t lose weight. The very first question I ask them is: “What is the optimal amount of calories your body needs to perform wonderfully?”

What would your response be? Honestly, 8 out of 10 people I speak with don’t know. We simply don’t think about calories from day to day.


Just the other day I was speaking with a woman who was following the 3 Hour Fat Loss Plan that I created with our Nutritionist Lindsey Matthews. She was frustrated with a lack of results despite her legitimate efforts to lose weight. After asking her a few questions, here’s what I found out…

  1. Have you read the 3 Hour Fat Loss Book completely? Her answer was no.
  2. Are you following the plan of eating 5 small meals a day? She said no.
  3. How many calories per day does your body naturally burn? She said I don’t know.
  4. What is the size pant and shirt that would fit on your ideal body? She said “I haven’t given it any thought” and “I only care about losing x amount of pounds.”
  5. Are you committed to sticking with the plan for 12 weeks? (The reason I ask this question is that the 21 participants in our 12-week study lost on average 17 pounds). No answer from her.

On question number 3, when she said that she had no clue how many calories she burned a day, I sent her a link to a calorie calculator. After entering her information, she responded that she burned 1900 calories a day. Now, we had something to work with.

I then asked her how many calories she was consuming a day. She stated that she was only consuming 1,000 calories. Perhaps to her surprise, I told her that her calorie consumption was too low and that she needed to rise to 1,400 calories per day to lose weight. She stopped chatting with me after this statement!

Diet weight loss breakfast concept with tape measure

What happened? Why would a conversation end at such a critical point of enlightenment? I believe that being disciplined on the quality and amount of calories we consume has been lost. Simple math throughout the day to come up with a final number when we retire at night has been systematically forgotten or for most people purposely ignored.

Since 2003 I have worked with thousands of individuals who at first would not acknowledge the amount of calories they are consuming each day. Be it too high or too low. The weight loss plans that I have researched and designed are about creating discipline in calorie consumption. Once I can get an individual to realize that all calories are not equal (I expound on that in this post), they make a paradigm shift to healthy weight loss.

In summary, our bodies are amazing and can allow us to accomplish so much in life. To make a transformation to your healthy ideal shape it takes three things:

  • Disciplined Individual (a desire and belief that you can lose weight and get healthy)
  • Disciplined Thought (understanding the calorie game)
  • Disciplined Action (following the 3 Hour Fat Loss Plan)

If you’ve hit a plateau or you’re ready to take your body and health to the next level, it’s worth spending a little time doing the calorie math. You don’t have to do it forever. Even just one week of counting calories can put things into perspective!

Questions? Let me know in the comments. 

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