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The Golden Rule

Golden-RuleEveryone has heard the golden rule: treat others as you want to be treated. Well, here is the REAL golden rule: do unto your body as you would like it to do unto you. I can almost guarantee everyone has been feeling the effects of this lately, including me. Over Christmas and New Years we eat more calories than we can track. All the parties and especially Christmas day leaving us feeling a little hung over… in our jeans.

But there are other effects of eating junk besides some extra flab. Your body doesn’t like that food and it repays the favor. You just can’t function as well. My body loves to tell me when I’m not giving it the food it really wants. My workouts are not as productive and are more difficult than usual and I just don’t have any energy and I’m more tired than usual. Your body will always tell you what it needs. When you’re tired it’s telling you that you need sleep, when you are hungry it is telling you that you need food (healthy food). The point is your body isn’t going to make you feel like crap when you eat healthy food. Listening to your body is so so SO important. If people listen to their body I really think that they could be really healthy.

So many people try these crazy fad diets that make you completely skip out on some food groups. When you skip out on something, such as carbohydrates, your body will start craving things that contain carbohydrates. Your body needs each and every food group, in the right amount of course.

There are so many things your body can do to you if you treat it badly but if you treat it good it will also return the favor!

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