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The Importance of your Sleep Cycle Throughout Life

Beautiful woman in bed waking upMore studies released this week from the world of health. FASEB released a study this week talking about the importance of our internal clocks and the sleeping cycle. When your cycle is derailed, you run a higher risk of both Obesity and Diabetes.

…proper sleep patterns are critical for healthy metabolic function, and even mild impairment in our circadian rhythms can lead to serious health consequences, including diabetes and obesity.

But if your internal clock is out of sync, it’s not too late to start fixing the problem:

“The good news is that some of us can ‘sleep it off’ to avoid obesity and diabetes,” said Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of The FASEB Journal. “The bad news is that we can all get the metabolic doldrums when our normal day/night cycle is disrupted.”

In the world of children, it looks like poor sleeping habits can list to an entire slew of issues for the little ones. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine:

Left untreated, sleep apnea may cause problems with hyperactivity, disruptive behaviors, social competence, self-care and school performance.

It looks as if poor sleeping habits can permeate all areas of our life, and we’re especially susceptible at young ages.

The odds of having behavioral problems were four to five times higher in children with incident sleep apnea and six times higher in children who had persistent sleep apnea. Compared to youth who never had SDB, children with sleep apnea were more likely to have parent-reported problems in the areas of hyperactivity, attention, disruptive behaviors, communication, social competency and self-care. Children with persistent sleep apnea also were seven times more likely to have parent-reported learning problems and three times more likely to have school grades of C or lower.

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