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KISSing the Stigma of Healthy Eating Goodbye

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Lately, when I’ve mentioned to people that I run a video blog that puts together healthy recipes for meal planning purposes, I get the same old response. “You dedicate an entire blog to bland/ICCKy food?” (See what I did there?) I usually laugh, but I’m always a little disappointed because the idea of healthy food tasting bad is so ingrained into our society.

A chef once told me that the best recipes take quality ingredients and the cook just KISSes (Keep It Simple Stupid) them with seasoning.  Many times all that’s required is the proper preparation to highlight your signature ingredient. For example, I remember enjoying brussel sprouts, but for a long while, every time I made them or ordered them they came out very bitter. If I hadn’t originally tasted them properly made I never would’ve found the desire to keep trying them. However, I went to a local restaurant here in Utah called Chef’s Table for a cooking lesson. Much to my delight, the chef prepared brussel sprouts and told us some great little hints. He said that when you begin working with them, make sure to cut off the ends and score them with an ‘X’.  After that you take them and cover them in cold water and place them on the stove at medium-high heat and cook them until tender. Then just sauté them with a little butter and add a stream of pure maple syrup and viola! some of the best brussel sprouts you’ll ever eat.

People complain about a ‘fishy taste’ when it comes to seafood, but that’s actually the mark of low quality fillets. When I learned how to properly cook fish, whether it’s Salmon, Ahi Tuna, Mahi Mahi, or any other variety; I found that you only add very few ingredients to make them taste wonderful. If you start with a good fresh fillet and you cook it to the right doneness, you’ll find that it’s the little things that are most important.

The same goes for chicken. So many people I know have overcooked their chicken so it becomes tough and loses all that natural flavor. Here is a grilled chicken breast recipe on my blog that asks only for salt and pepper as its seasoning. Give it a try and see if I don’t change your mind about healthy eating.

What is boils down to is I wouldn’t be making this blog if I didn’t truly know that this healthy food is flavorful and delicious. Bon Apetite!

carla meine

carla meine

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