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Stay Well: Tips for Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle During the Holidays

You don’t have to go out of your way to stay healthy and fit during the holidays—embrace it as part of your regular routine. Below are some easy exercise and healthy lifestyle eating suggestions to incorporate into your seasonal schedule:

Bring the Workout to Your Living Room

Late nights at the office, holiday parties and carting the little ones around can make it hard to fit in a workout. You can still burn the stress calories and stay fit with yoga, Pilates and core training right in front of your television. If you’re traveling but need to get away from the celebration for a little “you time,” you can even sneak off for a customized workout guided by your mobile device or laptop. Find more workouts and their calorie-burning goals that you can do anytime of the day.

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Fuel up With Flavor, Not Added Calories

That mocha, java, spiced eggnog thingy is sinfully delicious, but it often produces an energy-sucking crash. Get a pep in your step with holiday flavors without stacking up the calories:

  • Opt for a peppermint/green tea mix to revive your midday mood, which also is great for digestion after lunch.
  • Enjoy a rich and creamy boost in your holiday drink using half coffee, half milk and sprinkle your own small dash of healthy cocoa powder; most coffee shops offer this treat for free.
  • Order a holiday blend tea with licorice and cinnamon, which soothes stress and aids metabolism.

healthy lifestyle green tea

Photo of peppermint green tea by Hannes Grobe via Wikimedia Commons

If You’re Feeling Under the Weather

Lack of sleep and stress around the holidays can make your immune system weaker. Being sick could ruin your holiday, so make sure you eat healthy, get enough rest and drink plenty of water. If you start to feel bad while you’re out of town, an online doctor consultation like MeMD can get you back on your feet quickly, and you don’t have to go into a germ-filled urgent care and risk picking up something else.

Plan Ahead With Healthy Snacks

With fast food on every corner, it’s too easy to ditch your healthy eating habits when you’re out shopping or traveling. Pencil in time to prepare more nutritious snacks you can toss in your bag to satisfy your hunger. Our faves:

  • Pull out your mason jars. Layer yogurt, acai berries, pumpkin puree, honey granola and sprinkle with cinnamon.
  • Wrap it up. In a brown rice wrap layer turkey, cranberry jam, pecans and spinach. Wrap in foil, cut into 2-inch sections and you are ready for all-day snacking. No time for food prep? Trader Joe’s carries healthy options, such as premade lunches and snacks.

healthy lifestyle with Trader Joes

Photo of Trader Joe’s by Ragesoss via Wikimedia Commons

Dive In

If you’re away from home and stressed about overeating or missing a workout, pack a swimsuit in your handbag and stop off at the local YMCA. Most areas offer a day pass where you can swim laps or engage in a water aerobics in about an hour.

Photo by Brisbane City Council via Wikimedia Commons

The Crunched-for-Time Workout

Can you buy yourself four minutes? The Tabata timed workout is easy to do from anywhere and no equipment is required. The mobile app guides you in 20 seconds of exercise with 10-second intervals in between, making it great as a warm-up if you have limited gym time or can’t get in your regular daily fitness routine. The best part is you decide what exercises you’ll do—one day jumping jacks and push-ups, the next day abs and squats.

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By Scott Eggenberger
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