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The Truth No One Tells You About Maintaining Weight Loss

Let’s be honest. When you start out losing weight you’re not really asking yourself how you are going to keep maintaining weight loss once you get there.

I know I didn’t when I started my own journey four years ago. I was finally to the point where I had enough of feeling tired and sluggish all of the time, and when it started to affect my health I knew I needed to make some changes.

That’s when I started using IdealShape meal replacement shakes and began one of the free challenges.

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Since then I have lost 50 pounds and haven’t looked back! I definitely had my ups and downs with losing weight, I would fall off track but I never gave up. I hit my goal weight a year ago, and boy was I clueless about what the next year would hold for me!

Maintaining Weight Loss Isn’t Always Easy

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You don’t see much of what people do once they get to their goal, you see the weight loss stories and the fit chicks that look amazing. But what happens in between?

I know we all want to magically appear fit and strong, being able to eat whatever we want once we lose the weight..well I guess I’ll be the bearer of bad news. That’s not reality people.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, maintaining weight loss can be hard work. It is a whole different struggle from losing weight. BUT, it’s definitely doable! I’m going to share my top tips to maintain weight loss!

3 Tips on How to Maintain Weight Loss

1. Stick with a meal plan.

Sometimes I want to tell myself, “You don’t have to be as strict on your meal plan now that you’ve lost the weight.” WRONG.

In my personal experience, my body was more forgiving during the weight loss period when I would cheat on my meal plan, compared to now when I’m maintaining.

Do I have to be pretty strict on eating? Yes. But do I feel amazing in my own skin and have a crazy amount of confidence? You better believe it!

(If you need an awesome done-for-you meal plan, then check out the IdealPlan!)

2. Training is a must.

shelby training with kami

My daily routine is a little different now. I do more strength training than cardio, which is totally fine with me! (I’m not a huge fan of cardio to be honest.)

I do more strength training because my goals right now is to add muscle and tone up. Strength training is fun for me and keeps me entertained!

I usually lift 6 times a week and do cardio maybe 3-4 times a week. Strength training keeps my metabolism roaring and makes maintaining weight loss easier than if I wasn’t training at all.

3. Use IdealShape products to make things easier.

shelby with mint chocolate chip and mallory

Although I am at my goal and maintaining, I still use IdealShape products every day!

The IdealShake, IdealBars, and IdealBoost all help me keep hunger and cravings away so I can better stick to my meal plan. They help me stay on track, keep my calories in check, and make weight maintenance much easier.

IdealBoost has been a lifesaver for me. I used to be a huge soda drinker, now I go to IdealBoost when I am feeling the dreadful afternoon drag.

I use the IdealShake pretty often, because sometimes life gets crazy busy and I don’t have time to make a meal. IdealShakes are always there!

The shakes have tons of amazing flavors (Mint Chocolate Chip is my fav!) and are so convenient to mix up when I’m in a hurry. Plus they keep me full until my next meal!

IdealShape Makes Maintenance Simple!

As you can see, these 3 keys aren’t just crucial during the weight loss stage, they’re also STILL important for maintaining weight. You don’t just quit once you’ve met your weight goal. Remember, this is a lifestyle change!

Maintenance doesn’t have to be a scary thing, once you get a routine down and find the balance that works for you, It’s very much doable!

That’s why I still use IdealShape products. IdealShape isn’t just for weight loss, it’s to help people live a healthy life.

Learn about the IdealShakes I use to maintain my weight loss here!


Shelby Durrant

Shelby Durrant

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