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The Ultimate Guide to Supplements: Which one is right for you?

Supplements can be super confusing. Every time I’m helping someone start a new meal plan and fitness journey, I hear the same questions, “Which supplements should I be taking? I read up on them and I feel like I need every single one!”

It’s true, your body definitely needs a little help in the nutrition department during a weight loss program. Supplements are perfect for a little boost of nutrients–but they do not, I repeat, do not replace whole foods!!

Weight loss is supplemented by using supplements. Haha! It makes so much sense when you think about it. But then, which do you choose? Reading the labels makes them all seem like miracle pills! As a certified nutritionist, I can confidently tell you that supplements are not miracle pills, but they will do different things for your body!


What is CLA?

First, what the heck does CLA even stand for?? Lemme tell ya. CLA means Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Don’t let the word ‘acid’ scare you–CLA is good! It’s a naturally occuring fatty acid found in meat and dairy products.

Why should you take CLA?

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Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, CLA can help you achieve fat loss, increase lean muscle mass, and maintain a healthy body weight. CLA combats weight gain in four different ways: by decreasing the number of fat cells in the body, increasing the rate that fat cells die, suppressing the accumulation of fat, and increasing fat burning.

Long story short–CLA will help you tackle fat.

What is L-Carnitine?

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that our body uses to transport fat to the mitochondria of our cells. Then, the fat is burned to create more cellular energy.

Why should I take L-Carnitine?

You should take L-Carnitine if you’re looking for something to support your weight loss. It burns fat and provides more energy during a workout–it even provides extra energy when you’re resting.

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What is Glucomannan?

Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber from the konjac root which has been shown to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol.

Why should I take Glucomannan?

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Glucomannan has been shown to promote weight loss in overweight adults. It supports appetite control (get that fiber, baby!) healthy blood sugar, and digestion. This is one of the most beneficial fibers and can be a great addition to a weight loss plan.

What is IdealTrim?

IdealTrim is an appetite control supplement that contains Slendesta and Garcinia Cambogia, both used in the IdealShake, IdealBars, and IdealBoost blends. Basically, it’s an awesome potato protein that triggers the natural release of the hormone CCK, which tells your brain you are full!

This supplement also contains vitamins B6 and B12 which are known to facilitate energy metabolism. Basically, it’ll help you process the nutrients you eat and then convert them into energy. Umm, yes please.

Why should I take IdealTrim?

IdealTrim has been proven to replace feelings of unnecessary hunger with feelings of satisfaction for up to three hours. If you’re looking for appetite control, IdealTrim is where it’s at.  

What is IdealBurn?

IdealBurn is a sweet combo of the Thermo Oxidation Blend and Neuro Energy Blend. Basically, it harnesses the double benefits of green tea and caffeine.

Why should I take IdealBurn?

If you’re feeling like you need an extra boost of energy for your workouts or just your day in general, IdealBurn is a great option. The caffeine in IdealBurn helps focus and attention as well as endurance and fat oxidation (or the breakdown of fatty acids).

The green tea in IdealBurn is a natural source of caffeine and also helps support fat oxidation. Basically, if you’re looking for a healthier, happier, more energetic lifestyle, IdealBurn is for you!

What is IdealVitamin?

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At its core, IdealVitamin is a kick-butt multivitamin with added antioxidants. IdealVitamin has an enzyme that boosts your body’s resistance to exhaustion as well as boosts fat burning. There’s high doses of B vitamins for energy, and antioxidants that help your immune system, cholesterol, and eyesight.

Why should I take IdealVitamin?

If you have a busy lifestyle and find it hard to make nutritious meals every single day, you should definitely take a multivitamin like IdealVitamin. I get it–sometimes you can’t get all the nutrition you need from whole foods, because life gets crazy busy and we can’t always whip something great up! IdealVitamin is my go-to.

What is IdealCollagen?

Okay, we know that collagen is something our body makes naturally, right? Collagen makes up about 30% of the protein in the body. Basically it’s the thing that keeps your skin tight, your hair and nails strong, and your joints healthy and stable. IdealCollagen gives your body an extra boost of the good stuff with extra ingredients that make you feel radiant and healthy.

Why should I take IdealCollagen?


If you feel like your hair, skin, nails, or joints could use a boost of health, try IdealCollagen. It works from the inside out to bring a gorgeous glow to your body!

What is IdealOmega?

Trainer Kami taking IdealOmega Supplement

IdealOmega contains the fatty acids EPA and DHA, which make up omega-3. Essentially, IdealOmega helps with your heart and joints.

Why should I take IdealOmega?

You should add the IdealOmega supplement if you need cardiac health support. IdealOmega also helps with reducing inflammation caused by physical activity, and also supports your skin health.

What is IdealGreens?

Superfood Blends like IdealGreens can give you a boost in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants. It’s hard to get all of that from one product, but IdealShape figured it out with IdealGreens! It’s a simple powder that you can add to your IdealShake, smoothie, or even drink on its own to supplement your diet.

Why should I take IdealGreens?


You can’t go wrong with adding extra nutrients to your daily meal plan, so I’d say go for it! Especially if you’re drinking meal replacement shakes like IdealShake–it is so easy to add a scoop of the superfood goodness!

Wrap Up

Supplements are just that–a supplement to your healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to burn fat, build muscle, or just have more energy and feel healthy, try out a supplement from the list above! 

Figuring out the diet part of a fitness journey can be a huge struggle. If you need help check out my 15-Day IdealShape for Life Challenge. This challenge makes a fitness journey super simple because the meal plans are laid out and you’ve got a great community of people right beside you the whole time.

Kami Price

Kami Price

Head Trainer & Nutritionist

Kami Price is the Head Trainer for IdealShape. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a Pn.1 Certified Nutrition Coach, and Certified Yoga Instructor. Kami has been in the fitness world for over 10 years and prior to joining IdealShape owned one of the biggest private gyms in Utah.

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