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Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Understanding Suggestibility

Hypnosis in general has been very miss understood for the last 100 years. Recently, Hypnosis has shown to provide very positive and successful outcomes for weight loss (body shaping). It is not uncommon to hear people at parties or public gatherings talk about a positive experience they had with Hypnotherapy. These experiences now range from pain relief, remembering details for forensics, addiction recovery, weight loss, and many other applications that are beneficial for most individuals.

What does “Suggestibility” have to do with Hypnosis? Suggestibility is how we learn. Initially for each one of us, learning is accomplished through our primary caretaker (could be mother or father), from birth until approximately age five. From age’s six to nine, the child’s suggestibility is also influenced by their peers, teachers, and others. From ages nine to fourteen, the secondary caretaker (mother or father) begins to influence the child’s suggestibility.

hypnotherapySuggestibility learning can affect the brain in one of two ways. First, people who are Right Brain dominate, typically learn through the physical (learns more literally). Second, people who are Left Brain dominate learn through the emotional (inference – message behind the words).

Throughout a person’s lifetime they will have many positive and negative suggestions placed in their subconscious. Research has shown that once we are capable of making decisions and developing will power, this becomes our conscious mind, which represents 12% of our total mind power. The subconscious mind is made up of the remaining 88% of our total mind power.

It is in the subconscious where our suggestions (beliefs) about weight loss, exercise and, eating healthy foods are stored. Based on our past caregivers and peers their suggestions have developed negative or positive beliefs about weight loss in general. When trying to change a specific negative behavior, it has to be done at the subconscious level. Most people fail to change if they are only using the conscious brain which only has a total mind power of 12%.

When describes getting your brain in the game, it is referring to the 88% mind power that is represented in the subconscious mind. Weight loss, exercise, and healthy lifestyle can be affected dramatically by Hypnotherapy. The goal of Hypnosis is to create a positive environment in the subconscious so the brain can accept positive learning and will power. Motivational Weight Loss Hypnosis CD’s are critical for the repetition of positive suggestions that will replace negative behavior or addictions.

andy haigh

andy haigh

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