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Understanding Your Hunger

When it comes to losing weight, conventional wisdom shows it pretty much boils down to calories in versus calories out. If you’re hoping to get rid of unwanted fat, then that’s where your focus should be. Today, let’s talk about calories in and how to take control of your appetite. You’d think that eating is pretty straight forward, but when it comes down to it, we humans eat for a lot of reasons outside of just getting nutrition.

We take comfort in eating food. We use it to stave off boredom. Food enhances most social situations and food helps us feel better. For us humans, sometimes it feels like the survival aspect of food is the least important part of eating.

So if you’re going to lose weight, then you have to assess your own mentality of eating before anything else. Understanding your hunger and taking control of cravings will help you achieve your ideal shape.

This isn’t to say you can no longer find enjoyment from food. No one wants that. But understanding your body and how your brain reacts to foods can be a powerful boon for your weight loss.

There are a lot of ways to take control of food cravings. Some of the most common ways are to watch what you eat–and I’m not just talking about avoiding high fat content and sugars.

Looking for high levels of nutrients like chromium and fiber, both of which have shown significant effects on your brain’s satiety, is a great step in the right direction.

How you eat can also be a big part of this. Have you ever been eating and gotten an important phone call or generally become distracted from eating only to return and find that you no longer have the appetite to finish your meal? That’s because you’ve given your stomach the time to send the signal to your brain that the food you’ve received is enough; usually from the hormone CCK. This is why slower eating tends to lead to better portion control.

Our meal replacement shakes contain Slendesta for the very purpose of encouraging your body’s release of CCK. Simply, if your body feels full, you’ll stop eating. Slendesta is the all-natural ingredient in our shakes that will help control your hunger and reduce unnecessary caloric intake. As previously mentioned, fewer calories in dramatically aids in weight loss.

Also, when you’re eating, focus on the food. If you’ve ever been watching a movie with an open bag of popcorn in front of you, you’ve probably found yourself eating a lot more than you originally intended. Mindless eating means that you’re not focusing on the body’s natural response to eating. Even though your brain is sending the signal that you don’t need more food, your hand just keeps reaching for another handful of snacks. Pay attention to the food you eat and not only will you take more enjoyment from the food, you will find yourself needing to eat much less of it.

So, by focusing on your eating habits and using a good hunger blocker meal replacement shake, you can make significant progress in your goal to lose weight.

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