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Consistency is the key to success with any fat loss program.  Two steps forward and one step back isn’t going to get you to your destination very fast.  You also may get frustrated with your progress if this is how you approach the program you are on.  Is the fat loss program really in-effective if you aren’t consistently following the program?  Each day you have to be setting goals within the program you are on and you should be setting weekly and monthly goals as well.  If you are reading this you have a chance to be very successful and achieve your IdealShape if you just stay consistent and follow the program.

Monday and Tuesday Workout

Foam Rolling

Active Stretch

Metabolic Circuits

60 sec Lunges, 120 sec Running or Walking Stairs, 60 sec Dumbbell Swings, 120 sec Running or Walking Stairs, 60 sec Mountain Climbers, 120 sec Running or Walking (Repeat 2x finishing with Mountain Climbers)


20 min Moderate Intensity Cardio ((220-age)*65)

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