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Thought of the Day

If you stand still in life you for sure won’t burn any calories.  True success will come when you challenge yourself to achieve more.

We know that many of you want to be healthy and in shape but you don’t necessarily know where to get started or what exercises to be doing. That’s why we created these mini fitness boot camps. We have a Utah fitness bootcamp. If you live nearby come check us out! If not, don’t worry, you can just follow the fitness routines that we post to this blog.

IdealShape Treadmill Running Program

This Program is for people that want to run on their off boot camp class days.

Pick Your Ideal 5K Pace:  We will use 6.5 MPH for this example

Active Stretch Warm-Up
Run on the treadmill at 6.5 MPH speed for as long as you possibly can 
When you get too tired decrease your pace and walk at a 3.0 MPH speed until heart rate recovers (This is the formula for figuring out what your recovery heart rate should be (220-Age)*65).
Once your heart rate recovers, repeat this exercise. Repeat it for 20 Minutes.

***Don’t forget to stay hydrated throughout the workout!***



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