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Cheating On Valentines Day? What?

Valentines dayFirst of all, no, we’re not talking about that kind of cheating. It’s Valentines Day and while many of us are thinking of flowers and chocolates and fancy dinners, there are those of us that are thinking money and calories and calories. It’s a difficult day for your diet, but that’s what cheat days are meant to be.


Cheat days are great for your mental and, believe it or not, nutritional health. When you are in calorie restriction, eating less calories than your body needs for regular daily functions, you need to have at least one day a week where you increase your daily calorie intake by 300-500 calories.   Doing this allows your body to maintain normal levels of the hormone Leptin. Leptin plays a major role in regulating energy intake and expenditure.


At our home, Fridays are our date night so I know that’s most likely going to be my cheat day.  This week I changed it to Valentines Day for obvious reasons. I plan the day around it so I am going to have a 2 egg white omelet with veggies for breakfast, my IdealShape Meal Replacement Shake and some roasted tomato soup for lunch. I will have a yogurt for my morning snack and a pear for my afternoon snack. We are going to try a new restaurant and to be safe, I saved up 1400 calories for dinner.


So, without getting to preachy during another indulging holiday, I just want to say, enjoy your night out! Work it into your healthy lifestyle if you can, but as always don’t stress if you don’t. Chalk it up as a cheat day and move on. And remember a few extra calories one day a week will keep those Leptin levels in line.

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