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Can You Visualize Your Ideal Shape?

Visualize your ideal shape like your first kissWe each have visualization experiences every hour of every day, whether we realize we do or not. For example, say out loud the color of your favorite apple. Before you can mouth the word of the color of the apple, you already see it in your mind. Not only do you see the color, but also the ideal shape of the apple—its glossy exterior and sloping stem.

When I tell individuals that they either visualize themselves overweight or at their healthy and ideal body shape, they’re flabbergasted. Think back for a moment to before you got your very first kiss. You’ll remember that you thought about that kiss a lot. You pictured in your mind how you would pucker your lips and the pressure of your lips on another person’s lips. Some of us even imagined how the other person would smell. I could go on and on. For most people the positive anticipation of the first kiss was epic.

Some individuals agonized over the first kiss in a very negative way. In fact most of these people ended up waiting a very long time for their first kiss. Does the same thing happen to a healthy and ideal body shape? Most assuredly what you picture in your mind typically comes to life. Can you actually visualize your ideal shape?

For the last three years, I’ve helped thousands of individuals change their body shapes and get healthy. Through my guided visualization exercise, I’ve helped many people create healthy, lasting habits in their minds. Consider how many business ideas are first written down on napkins at restaurants before coming to fruition as successful enterprises!

Here is how the process works: A thought creates a belief, the belief creates a choice, and the choice starts visualization experiences—dreaming. As visualization begins, the brain communicates with the central nervous system; the central nervous system then creates the desired outcome.

Civilization and culture train our brains to be healthy or unhealthy. There are positive behaviors (including habits and beliefs) that create an ideal body shape. On the opposing side, there are negative behaviors (including habits and beliefs) that create an unhealthy body shape. Think about this—your healthy or unhealthy body shape begins and ends in the mind. (It’s like dreaming about your first kiss.  The outcome of that kiss was totally designed by your mind before your facial muscles puckered up your lips for the actual kiss.) You owe it to yourself to visualize your ideal shape. What does your ideal body shape look like?

I know you want that healthy, fit body shape, and I’m here to tell you that I know for a fact you can totally visualize your ideal body. Start right now by visualizing yourself kissing your overweight body shape goodbye!

By David Meine
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