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Are You Getting Enough Vitamin C?

vitamin CHave you been watching what you eat? Getting your RDI of vitamins and minerals to help manage you weight loss? If you have, that is really awesome, but that still might be enough according to researchers. A new report shows that the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C is less than half of what would be best for you.

“…there’s compelling evidence that the RDA of vitamin C should be raised to 200 milligrams per day for adults, up from its current levels in the United States of 75 milligrams for women and 90 for men.”

That’s a pretty big deficit, especially since most Americans aren’t even getting 2 servings of fruit daily. Not only do studies show that higher levels of Vitamin C can help prevent Stroke, Heart Disease, and Cancer, it can also make you feel better on the whole:

“Even marginal deficiency can lead to malaise, fatigue, and lethargy, researchers note. Healthier levels of vitamin C can enhance immune function, reduce inflammatory conditions such as atherosclerosis, and significantly lower blood pressure.”

I think I’ll have a glass of orange juice tomorrow morning to get of my much needed vitamin C intake, maybe start the day off right.

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