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5 Everyday Ways People Use Hypnosis On You

Hypnosis is all about planting an idea in your head. Hypnotherapy is overcoming negative thoughts, and replacing them with empowering ones. Unfortunately, there is a flip side to that coin, the yang to every yin, if you will. For many, many years people have used what they know about the average person’s subconscious for personal gain.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a list of 5 ways people have planted thoughts in your head for their own personal gain. And likely, we’ve all had experience with them.

hypnosis1. Salesmen who speak fast.

Idea Planted In Your Head:

“This person knows what they are talking about and are much more trustworthy.


The idea that someone speaking faster makes us believe they are smarter, more trustworthy, and more confident is well documented.

It’s a technique they teach to salespeople and you will notice that every infomercial host talks a bit faster than is normal.


While it might be a bit tactless to mention Vince Shlomi (the ShamWoW guy)…we thought he was annoying but man did he know a lot about sponges.

2. Sequential Request Compliance Techniques

hypnosisIdea Planted In Your Head:



Most commonly known as the “foot in the door” technique, it’s been around sales circles forever. It’s also pretty big with door-to-door televangelists/salesman as the name implies.

The idea is that if you say yes once, you are more likely to say yes again. It’s been proven time and again to be true. So someone will start with small, inconsequential questions and move onto big ones. Each time you say yes, you are more likely to say yes to the next question.


“Do you like children?”
“Will you sign this petition increasing the power of the FCC with television?”
The link between the two isn’t strong, but even if you dislike the FCC, you are much more likely to sign the petition if the first question is asked instead of them just asking the 2nd.

hypnosis3. Mirrors

Idea planted in your head

“O man, is that me? I should buy some beauty crap or something.”


It’s common knowledge that people are unhappy with their appearance, pretty much all the time. We, more than anyone else are the most judgmental of our flaws and stores aren’t above exploiting that for their gain. They crowd mirrors in beauty aisles so that you will look at them and think “is that what I look like?” and run around and buy up the diet pills and wrinkle creams that litter the shelves around you.

4. Flattery the Right Way

Idea planted in your head:

“I like you and want to buy what you’re selling”



Along the same lines as number 3, people generally dislike straight up flattery. Either we think it’s a ruse or we don’t believe them because often times we’re insecure. So how to flatter you without putting you on edge? Phrase it in the form of a question.


“Where did you get that dress? I would love something like that!”

works much better than “That’s a beautiful dress.”

5. Choosing the Right Words

hypnosisIdea Planted in you head:

“Wow, they’re just like me!”


This is a much more advanced technique and isn’t easy to see through. Knowing the right words for the right person is a great way to earn your trust. There are times when the power of a single word can change how persuasive they are.

And hold onto your britches if they ask you a personal question about your past. A salesman can take the way you react to it and determine your Chosen Representational System. Then, suddenly they’re your bestest friend in the whole wide world.


The salesman will use the words “I think” around men and the words “I feel” around women.

Hypnosis can be a hard pill to swallow because it’s a pretty large and all-encompassing field. The truth of the matter is that even if you don’t believe in the power of your subconscious, that’s not stopping the world from using it to help themselves.

Why not use it to help yourself?

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