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Weighing the Benefits of Sleep

02F52910Getting a proper amount of sleep, definitely helps in those trying to lose weight, but a new study shows that the benefits of sleep may be even more important to those who have a genetic predisposition towards obesity.

“After analyzing the sleep habits and body weight of 1,088 pairs of twins, including genetically identical ones, researchers concluded that people who get plenty of sleep — at least nine hours per night — have more control over their weight through their behavior than people who sleep less.

Among twins who slept less than seven hours per night, genes accounted for 70% of the differences in body mass index (BMI), while so-called environmental factors, such as diet and exercise habits, were responsible for just 4% of the differences.

The pattern was reversed among twins who slept nine or more hours per night. In this group, environmental factors accounted for 51% of BMI differences and genes accounted for just 32%.”

It seems that more sleep can have a greater effect on how much your behavioral factors hold weight on your health.

“The less you sleep, the more important genetic factors are to how much you weigh,” says lead author Nathaniel F. Watson, M.D., co-director of the University of Washington Medicine Sleep Center, in Seattle. “The longer you sleep, the greater the influence of environmental factors like meal composition and timing.”

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