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An Easy Way For Weight Loss Affirmation

frontpage-photo-02Last week we talked about the power of the mental script agreement. For those of you who checked out the form, you might have seen a section for an “affirmation” which we didn’t cover in any real detail. This isn’t because affirmations are a trivial part of the contract, (none of it is!) in fact, affirmations needed their own explanation because they are that important.

First let’s talk about what an affirmation is. Affirmations are most famously found in the program ‘The Secret’. However, some of us might have a little trouble believing that the universe is bending to our very will (a bit narcissistic, no?). An affirmation is a powerful, positive thought that we repeat to ourselves any number of times per day. There is a more plausible reason why we do this, and here’s why affirmations work:

We talked a little about how our mind is divided into two distinct categories; conscious and subconscious. Conscious thought involves anything we contemplate whereas subconscious is like the autopilot. We are faced with hundreds of choices each and every day, most we’ve deemed unworthy of conscious thought. We get up each morning and shower, brush our teeth, eat breakfast (or don’t eat breakfast) without actively thinking about it. We drive to work the same way each day. These are little choices that can be handled without deep thinking because we’ve done them for so long.

There are also little choices we don’t contemplate that are pivotal to our health. We drive up to the fast food and order a number 5, large sized with a coke without even perusing the menu. We drive the half a block to the store because walking never even crosses our mind. It’s an unhealthy world out there and our brain has adjusted accordingly.

So what does an affirmation do about this?

Let’s take an easy example. So you want to eat healthier? In your mind there is a lot of beliefs that you have about food. Maybe when you see “sugar-free” or “low-fat” your mind connects A=B whereas B = “Tastes Horrible”. Your affirmation will be something along the lines of “Eating Healthy is Easy and Delicious”. This is your mantra for 28 days.

Eating Healthy is Easy and Delicious:

Is the number five combo really the tastiest thing on the menu? Do I need it large? What other drinks do they have that I might like? Look. they have a fruit and walnut salad too. You like both those things! Let’s try that instead of a burger.

Eating Healthy is Easy and Delicious:

That great site, IdealShape, you keep reading is linking to a health food blog again. What was it? Ideal Cooking In Carla’s Kitchen. Maybe you’ll actually click the link this time! Holy cow there’s a ton of healthy recipes here…they seem easy, and they do look tasty!

Eating Healthy is Easy and Delicious:

Wow, there’s a lot of activity on ICCK. The foodie community is so helpful and this stuff isn’t that hard! Why haven’t I been learning this stuff earlier?

All of these choices were there all along. You just didn’t see them before because your mind wasn’t programmed to notice them. Healthy food was not a priority. By burning a simple, positive affirmation into your subconscious you’ve opened your mind to the world around you in a very specific way.

It’s powerful and it works!

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