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IdealShape Launches “Think” a book about the Power of Weight Loss and the Mind

Discover What’s Really Going on in Your Brain When You Try to Lose Weight

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“Wait. You want me to cut back on sugar? The sugar that’s everywhere? The sugar that gives me a burst of energy and a little rush of happiness? The sugar that is at every social event, and is being handed to me in the form of chocolate cake this very second? Shyeah. Right. NOT LISTENING.”

If you’ve ever felt like your mind has a “mind of its own” when it comes to diet and exercise, that’s because, in a way, it does. Scientists believe up to 80% of our thoughts and actions are determined by the subconscious mind, outside our awareness and control. 80%! This means things can get complicated—we’re talking habits, cravings and sabotage complicated—when the mind isn’t on board to lose weight.

For the past year, David Meine, one of the cofounders of IdealShape, has been writing a new book to shed light on this phenomenon of how weight loss and the mind are connected. As IdealShape’s Brain Trainer, David knows first-hand how the mind can make or break weight loss efforts, and he has groundbreaking insights to share.

The book, “Think: Use Your Mind to Shrink Your Waistline,” was released today in the IdealShape store, on Amazon and in bookstores across the country. We’re thrilled!


In “Think,” David starts by explaining why most popular weight loss programs fail. They focus on the exercise and diet “musts,” he says, but ignore the mental component and ultimately leave us stranded.

It’s why a simple exercise-and-food equation can turn into a procrastinating, yo-yo-ing, frustrating and sometimes despairing tug-of-war.
It’s why we eat a cookie even though we said we weren’t going to eat a cookie.

Why Habits are So Hard to Change

The only way to succeed in our body shaping goals—and any goal in life—is by first understanding why we do what we do, then learning how to change the negative into positive. We need to understand how weight loss and the mind is connected.

In “Think,” David reveals the top ten negative behaviors or habits that hold people back from achieving their ideal shape. Then he teaches readers how to change them, using one of the most powerful ways to make deep, lasting changes in the mind: hypnosis.

Why can’t we change our habits at the conscious level? Put simply, the brain doesn’t like change. It is hardwired to seek what is familiar and what it thinks is necessary for survival. Sometimes that means reinforcing a long-time behavior (say, drinking sugary drinks); other times, it means clinging to a belief we’ve had since childhood (“I have fat genes and will always be fat.”)

Often we aren’t even conscious of the beliefs and behaviors we’re holding onto. The subconscious mind, as you’ll see in the book, has sneaky ways of getting what it wants!

But using hypnosis we can reprogram our minds at the subconscious level, where those beliefs and behaviors are dictated. David is a certified weight loss hypnotherapist and the creator of IdealShape’s top-selling hypnosis CDs for weight loss.

If hypnosis for weight loss sounds weird, it really isn’t! It is essentially a conversation with the inner mind, employing many of the same techniques that teachers, psychologists, company leaders and motivational speakers use to train the brain. These include relaxation, repetition and visualization. It’s everyday stuff, but when applied purposefully and effectively for weight loss, it is extremely powerful.

Weight Loss Starts (or Ends) in the Mind

As you can see, our brain has incredible power to shape our body, and most of that power lies beyond our awareness. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use our mind to achieve what WE want. In fact, our health is too important for us not to be in the driver’s seat.

28 days magic

David is passionate about showing people how to “think their way thin.” By getting our minds on board for weight loss, we can begin to effortlessly enjoy healthy, fresh meals; move our bodies regularly; get deep, restorative sleep; and swap unhealthy beverages for pure water. “Think” teaches us how to turn these and the rest of the 10 essential weight loss behaviors into unshakeable habits in just 28 days.

Combining scientific research with his own experience, David explains not just how our internal mental processes affect our bodies, but also how our diet, exercise, sleep and stress level affect the quality of our brain—and how a “toxic brain” can be one of the biggest contributors to weight gain.

“Every manmade thing on this earth begins with a thought, which becomes an emotion, which leads to a physical manifestation.” David shows that this concept is especially true when it comes to the condition of our bodies.

IdealShape has helped thousands of people train their brains to achieve body shaping goals they thought were impossible; throughout “Think,” you’ll hear the honest and inspiring stories of several of these people.

If you want to achieve your ideal shape—not to mention more energy, more mental power, more strength and more personal confidence—the journey starts in the mind.

And if you want to achieve your goals permanently and with calm, clear, self-compassionate focus, your journey starts with IdealShape!

Buy “Think: Use Your Mind to Shrink Your Waistline” in the IdealShape store or on Amazon. The book is available in print and digital formats.




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