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Stick To These Weight Loss Basics

When you are first starting out on a weight loss program it can be easy to get lost in all the “fancy” new programs promising you great results. In fact, it can be a huge distraction preventing you from actually reaching your goals.

Amidst all the flashy lights and the bells and whistles of the weight loss industry, there are some basic rules that will never change. These basic rules are healthy exercise and dieting. With all the new gadgets being pushed onto consumers with minimal testing and no proven results, but big promises, the weight loss basics often get overlooked.

Because of this we have decided to provide you with a look at what an efficient workout and nutrition program should contain.

Workout Program Basics

Your weight loss workout program should focus on burning excess calories while allowing your body to maintain lean muscle. This will ensure that you have a healthy body composition when you reach your goal weight or size. You may be able to fit into that old pair of jeans when you reach your goal but without exercise you may find that you feel even more weak and tired than you did before you started your program.

A good way to balance your workouts between burning excess calories and maintaining muscle is by incorporating both high intensity, calorie-burning workouts along with strength training. For a great example of a workout that contains both of these elements refer to our IdealShape Up Challenge by clicking on the link at the bottom of this article.

Nutrition Program Basics

The main focus of your weight loss nutritional program should be creating healthy eating habits that are sustainable. Healthy eating habits can include cutting out highly processed foods that contain high amounts of sodium and little nutritional value and substituting them with fresh whole foods. This will provide you with the energy you need throughout the day and actually help you feel fuller throughout the day as well.

You should also be watching how many calories you take in throughout the day. As a general rule you should be using more calories during the day than you consume in order to lose weight. Spreading your meals throughout the day can also prevent hunger from striking and will help you avoid unhealthy snacking.

Make Obtainable Goals

As always you should make and shoot for goals that are obtainable. Without goals and an actual plan to stick to you could be just shooting in the dark. In order to reach and maintain your goals you must avoid this. So, pick a goal, write it down and stick to it.

So if you are feeling lost and overwhelmed with all the weight loss hype that is out there, remember, just stick to these weight loss basics. There is no substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Make goals that you can obtain and allow you to create healthy habits an as always, stay positive.

By Wes Young

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