Q: Where are the ingredients and nutrition information for the IdealShake Meal Replacement Shake?

A: All the nutrition information and the ingredient list can be found at http://www.idealshape.com/blog/ingredients/

Q: What does IdealShape mean when they say “Brain Training”?

A: Brain training is what really sets IdealShape apart from some of the other fitness companies out there. So, let’s give you a question to think about for a moment. “If your goal is to lose weight, what’s stopping you? Why haven’t you been successful in the past?”

Is it because you just couldn’t find the time? No motivation? Life is just too stressful? An all-too-common excuse is maybe you just felt that you’re not worthy of being attractive.

Well, what do all of those excuses have in common? They are all mental! Anyone can lose weight, anyone can find their ideal shape as long as they keep with a fitness program. The problem? Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle is hard and most of us lack the knowledge or the willpower to truly be successful.

With our Brain Training CDs we help clear your mind. We show you how to reduce your stress and put you in a state of relaxation. There, you can realize your motivation, define your ideal shape and empower yourself to be healthy.

Q: If I am taking the IdealShake, listening to the Brain Training CDs, and supplementing with ResveraShape, do I need to exercise as well?

A: While we have had some clients successfully lose weight without working out, we don’t recommend it. Losing weight without toning your body means that some of the weight you’re going to lose is muscle mass and that’s not too healthy for you. Diets are about losing weight, whereas we want to define your body’s shape. And that takes exercise. Does this mean you need to be running miles and miles or doing high intensity workouts 5 days a week? Not at all. In fact, if gyms are not your thing, we definitely suggest finding a healthy hobby (i.e., tennis, Zumba, yoga or an organized sport) that you enjoy as a way to keep yourself active. Be sure to check out the IdealShape Shape Up Challenge, a series of fast fun workouts that can be done from anywhere. Whether you prefer the convenience of your home or the local gym, these workouts can be done in either setting! And the best part is that it’s Free!

Q: I need to lose 50 pounds. How long will it take me to lose that much weight on the IdealShape Weight Loss Program?

A: This one is tough. There are a lot of factors that contribute to your current weight and body type. Males and females lose weight at a drastically different speed. Genetics and past habits also play a big part in how successful you will be. We have had clients lose over 20 pounds in a month just by eating 5 times a day, replacing a meal or two with a shake and listening to the Audio Brain Food. We’ve also had clients participating in every part of our program lose 5 pounds a month. The IdealShape plan is about creating a lifestyle that creates lasting health. Incorporating meal replacement shakes and other products can speed up your success, as well, and can also help make maintenance easier after you have achieved your ideal shape.

Q: Eat five meals a day? To lose weight? You’re serious?

A: Yes we are! This concept is something we specifically address in our “Healthy Eating Habits” CD, but the issue here is actually with the general population’s definition of meal. When we say eat 5 meals a day, we don’t mean for you to go out and eat a fast food combo meal 5 separate times throughout the day. We’re actually referring to smaller, healthy meals consisting of fewer calories. When your body is getting constantly nourished with healthy, low-calorie meals, it feels less need to store excess calories as fat. This means that you’re storing less fat and burning more calories, and both are going to increase your weight loss.

Q: I recently purchased all of the Brain Training CDs. Where should I start?

A: For the first 28 days we suggest listening to “Building a Foundation,” or “Visualizing Your IdealShape” which are both designed to help with anxiety levels that are caused by starting a weight loss program. The relaxation techniques in this CD are simple and help you understand how your brain plays a huge part in your weight loss success. That being said, any CD you feel like listening to is going to help! They’ve all been created to target specific aspects of your subconscious mind and help with your long term results.

Q: Which Brain Training CD should I begin with?

A: Most often we recommend beginning with ‘Visualizing Your IdealShape.’ This CD is about getting your head in the proper state of mind to be successful in your weight loss journey. However, if you have a habit you believe is the most detrimental to your health, then the corresponding CD would definitely be a great option. There is no required order on the CDs to be successful as each CD addresses changing a single habit towards weight loss success.

Q: How do I get free shipping?

A: If you sign up with our customer loyalty program that includes auto-ship (can be started and stopped at any time) you will receive free shipping on ALL of your orders. To find out more or to activate auto-ship, call our customer service at 800-515-0896.

Q: I have ordered the product but did not receive my free book.

A: The book is an electronic download that should have been sent to your email address along with the receipt. If you cannot find this, you can email customer service with your order number to support@idealshape.com to get the link sent directly to you.

Q: How do I incorporate the IDEALBAR into my weight loss plan?

A: The IDEALBAR was formulated with enough calories to be used as a snack, but includes Slendesta in order to create the same feeling of fullness that our shake does. You can use it as a healthy snack during the day to keep yourself on track, or you can use it like you would the shake to replace a full meal.

Either way, the bar is designed to help you keep your calories low while giving your body the nutrients it needs to stay active.

Q: Can I take both ResveraShape and NaturalShape to improve my weight loss results?

A: The supplements are different and provide different benefits so yes. ResveraShape is more for energy, so taking that before exercise can give you the energy boost your body needs to get through rigorous exercise. NatralShape is for appetite control. Taking NatralShape 30 minutes before a meal helps you feel fuller faster and gives you more control of your caloric intake.

Q: What should I mix the IdealShake with?

A: This is up to you. If you are lactose intolerant then you might want to look into options like Almond or Soy milk. The shakes taste great with just water if you really don’t want to add calories to the mix. Milk often creates a creamier texture to the shake. It’s up to you!

Q: Do I need to take a multivitamin while using the IdealShake?

A: The shakes, and the bars have a multivitamin built into them. They offer well-rounded nutrition on top of keeping the calories low, so it isn’t required.

Q: Does IdealShape have an advanced program to replace all of my meals?

A: No.

You should not replace all of your meals with the IdealShake because this is not beneficial to your health. Liquid diets are about losing weight fast; not losing weight and getting healthy. Those who use liquid dieting are less healthy and often times put the weight back on immediately after stopping the program. We would never recommend that. IdealShape is all about losing weight the healthy and permanent way.

Q: Is the IdealShake gluten free? Is it Kosher?

A: Yes. The shake is both Gluten Free and Kosher.

Q: Does IdealShape have any future plans to offer new flavors?

We are certainly always looking to expand our product line to offer our customers more variety. However, we will not release a new flavor until it gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from all of our testers because we truly value the flavor of our shakes and bars.

Keep an eye out for new bar flavors as we are diligently working to provide you the variety you want. Try our newest IDEALBAR flavor, Double Chocolate!

Q: How do I get IdealShape products shipped to me if I live outside of the U.S.?

A: Unfortunately, unless it’s to an APO, we cannot ship any of our products outside of the US at this time.