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The Real Reason Why Weight Loss for Women is So Tough

If you’re a woman and you’re trying to lose weight we have some good and bad news for you.

The good news is that it’s entirely possible for you to shed the amount of weight that you want and to keep that weight off for good; the bad news is that weight loss for women is typically a slower process than it is for men who are trying to lose weight.

Women usually need to work harder to lose weight than men do, which seems so unfair!

No matter how difficult weight loss for women is, it really is possible. There are countless women who not only lose the weight that they want, but they keep it off as well. It’s important to remember that difficult does not mean the same thing as impossible.

As a personal trainer, I have had many women come up to me and ask why it is that weight loss is more difficult for them then it is for men, and how they can overcome these difficulties. I have come up with a few reasons that explain this frustrating fact to help women who want to get in shape.

So Let’s Begin!

Why Weight Loss for Women is More Difficult

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Muscle Mass

One of the main reasons why weight loss for women is more difficult is that men naturally have more muscle mass than women. The body needs to work harder to maintain muscle than it does for anything else, so those with more muscle mass have a higher metabolism. Men’s bodies are working harder all the time, even when they’re at rest.

This means that their bodies are working harder to pump blood and oxygen to their extremities. When working harder, the body is burning more calories overall. Often weight loss is easier for taller women and those with wider frames than it is for shorter or more petite women, since their bodies are also working somewhat harder.

Eating Habits

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Many women feel like going on starvation diets is the solution to losing weight, but this actually may sabotage weight loss goals. This may surprise some, as you generally think about eating too much as a cause for weight gain and not the other way around.

While consuming less calories a day is important to losing weight, eating more small meals during the day will keep you more satisfied so you will be less likely to want to overeat at your next meal. Studies show that hunger can lead to poor decision making, and when women are hungry they actually crave junk food which will sabotage weight loss.

There are many psychological factors that also play a role in why it’s hard for women to lose weight. When you are stressed, it triggers your bodies to release cortisol, which is an appetite-stimulating stress hormone. Stress often causes you to start emotionally eating, which can lead to mindless snacking. A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that even when women said that they weren’t hungry, when they were asked to smell and taste treats, their brains showed activity in the regions that control the drive to eat, and this was not the case for men.

Making Weight Loss Easier for Women

Resistance Training

Of course weight loss for women can become easier if a woman increases her metabolism through exercise and muscle building. Regular exercise means burning calories and also means the body works harder even when you’re at rest. Adding in some resistance training such as weightlifting or Pilates can also make weight loss for women easier.

Often we hear women say that they don’t want to do any resistance training because they don’t want to end up looking like a bodybuilder. Adding resistance really doesn’t mean that you will end up looking like a bodybuilder. In fact adding some resistance training is typically just what a woman’s fitness routine needs. Typically weight loss for women simply means lifting weight regularly and with enough weight to make it challenging. A few simple presses and curls can help make weight loss for women much easier, and can also create that sculptured, toned look that most women want.

Eat More Often, but Healthier

Women should try to eat 5 or 6 small, healthy meals during the day. This will keep you satisfied throughout the day, will keep your metabolism on track, and will help to prevent overeating. It is also especially important to start your morning on the right foot with a good breakfast. As this can also help you make better food choices during the day.

Get in Those Much Needed Zzzzzz’s

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Did you know that sleep deprivation and weight gain can go hand-in-hand? The less we sleep the more tempted we are to eat more. When we are tired at work we may drink a Monster, coffee, eat a doughnut, or whatever else for some quick energy. “When you have sleep deprivation and are running on low energy, you automatically go for a bag of potato chips or other comfort foods,” says Susan Zafarlotfi, PhD, clinical director of the Institute for Sleep and Wake Disorders at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey.

But this also doesn’t mean that if we sleep more we will lose weight. “It’s not so much that if you sleep, you will lose weight, but if you are sleep-deprived, meaning that you are not getting enough minutes of sleep or good quality sleep, your metabolism will not function properly,” explains Michael Breus, PhD, the clinical director of the sleep division for Arrowhead Health found on Webmb.com.

Find Other Ways to Cope with Stress

There are a lot of factors that contribute to stress. Stress can’t be avoided, and our relationship with food can’t change overnight either. But we can try to turn to other activities to cope with stress.

Meditate. This technique, if practiced for even a few minutes a day, can help you deal with stress, improve cardiovascular health, and decrease anxiety. Meditation helps to relax our bodies which will help to enhance our mood.

Exercise. Exercising will help you to release endorphins and will make you happier. Find a class that you love with your girlfriends, or go on a run to try to help alleviate some of that stress.

Go Outdoors. Go on a hike, go on a walk around the block, really just get your body moving! Physical activity relieves tense muscles, and helps increase your mood!

Eat Better. Fuel your body with healthy options. Try eating more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and get in good sources of proteins and fats. Eating better improves your mood and can make you happier.

Take Time for Yourself. We all need some “me” time occasionally. Go get a massage, go to a yoga class, read a book, spend some time with friends, just do something that you enjoy even for a short amount of time. It is so important to take the time to care for yourself.

Who Run The World? GIRLS!

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Losing weight can be hard in general, so the fact that it is even harder for women seems totally unfair! I mean what did women even do to deserve that?! But just because it is difficult doesn’t mean that it’s just downright impossible. Knowing and following the tips and tricks to shedding those unwanted pounds will make you healthier, and will help you feel better as well. Cause when it all comes down to it, Beyoncé knows best when she says that women run the world!

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