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IdealShape’s Weight Loss Game: Are You Ready?

Yesterday we talked about the idea of gamifying healthy living, and today we’re going to talk about what we here at IdealShape are doing with it. We are making a kind of weight loss game. This is a really cool thing to me because we’re letting our readers in on the process at the ground level. We’ve been throwing around the ideas for just a few weeks and we’ve decided on the iShaper Challenge.  Unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to launch a full functioning site as awesome as some of the ones we mentioned, but we will definitely get to have fun with it.


So…bean jars!


Exciting, no?


Alright, alright, beans in a jar may not be as exciting as slaying dragons but for me it’s a definite improvement. As we said, one of the biggest hurdles in weight loss is not losing weight. When the numbers on the scale aren’t changing, it’s hard to keep going because you can’t easily see the difference you’re making on your own life.


This is going to start with the IdealShape staff, though we welcome anyone that wants to join us as we test how this works.

Last week we all got jars to decorate however we wanted and now we’ve been given a bag of beans. On May 1st the contest will begin. Each time we make a positive choice we get to place a bean in the jar. Every time we get a full night’s sleep or we choose to drink water over coffee; we place a bean in the jar. Yes, they’re little things, but so are the beans. However, by the end of May, we hope to see the effect of all those little choices and how they add up.

Along with this there will be bonus challenges (or “quests” for nerds like me) each day. Sometimes it might be something that some of us are already doing, or other times it might be a task that we just can’t accomplish. (I.E. The bonus challenge being biking for 3 miles when I don’t own a bike.) but it will hopefully give us ideas of little things we can do that we might not be doing. Breaking out of the mold as it were.


So if you want to join us, go ahead and grab a jar, and make sure you’ve liked us on facebook. That’s where we’ll announce the daily bonus challenges for you guys. And yes, we are looking into giving the iShapers that do join us a little reward (“epic loots” as it were). We’ll also update all that stuff on the IdealShape Facebook page.


And remember these jars are filled by just living healthier. Even if you don’t need to lose pounds (or even if you want to gain weight) you can participate in this with us. We’ve all got an ideal shape. Let’s find it together.


iShape, uShape, we’ll all Shape, our IdealShape!

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