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When you hear the word hypnosis most people don’t automatically think weight loss hypnosis. In fact, when hearing the word hypnosis, many people picture a stage performance where people quack like ducks and do other silly tricks for the amusement of the audience.  Stage hypnosis has been used to entertain people for hundreds of years, but real therapeutic hypnosis is something much deeper than anything seen on the stage.

Real hypnotherapy can help people to recover from surgery, deal with difficult emotional issues, quit smoking, and even successfully lose weight.

Hypnosis is the process of bringing an individual into a trancelike state or a state of deep relaxation.  From this place of deep relaxation it is easier to communicate with the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is what actually controls all of our patterns, messages, and stories that we tell ourselves everyday.

Most often these patterns and stories were developed by our minds while we were young.  Some of them are good and help us to deal with the world around us, but some of them are negative and only promote negative behaviors and bad habits.  In order to change these patterns and shift our perspective it often takes communication with the subconscious.

While under hypnosis people are more responsive to suggestion.  Their conscious mind is resting or distracted and the subconscious has a chance to really hear and listen.  Typically the conscious self prevents these messages from getting through, which normally is good, but when you want to change patterns you need to be able to communicate with this deeper self.  A hypnotherapist uses this hypnotic state to offer suggestions to your unconscious mind so the next time you are faced with a difficult situation you can make a different choice.

It is important to understand that hypnosis can never make people do something that they would be unwilling to do in their regular state of mind.  In fact, this trancelike state is a very common experience for most people.  Any time that you are driving a regular path and don’t remember how you go from point A to point B you are experiencing a form of hypnosis.

One of the areas where hypnosis can really help people to change their lives is with weight loss.  Often people struggle to lose weight because of old programming and stories they are holding onto about weight, food, and their bodies.  In order to shift these patterns, a new story needs to be set in place.  A new way of approaching comfort, food, and health needs to be offered to the subconscious.  This is where a hypnotherapist can help. Science is proving that hypnosis for weight loss works.

Wishing you the best in creating your ideal shape,

David Meine C.Ht, PBT

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