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Weight Loss Sabotage: Are You Hindering Your Own Weight Loss?

When we get comments about customers beginning our product, the majority of them say something to the effect of one of two things:

“I found you guys when I was researching weight loss products and I’m really excited to try out your program. I’m ready and this is the year!”

“Saw your product on line and nothing seems to work for me. Here’s hoping you guys are different.”

And while it’s always nice to see people giving us a chance, it’s not hard to see which of these is starting in a more successful state of mind. Our past experiences sometimes have a way of hindering our success in ways we don’t think are apparent.

I’m not saying that the first comment was definitely going to be successful, or that the second was doomed for failure. I love our products and I believe in them, but no one here is going to tell you that these products are going to lose weight for you. The bulk of permanent weight loss is with the person losing weight. Meal replacements and supplements are just tools to make the job easier, but that doesn’t mean it will do the job for you.

When we talk about our ‘Dealing With Sabotage’ CD, it’s hard to explain that sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. When you think of sabotage, you might think of something overtly malicious. Maybe the old-timey villain with the goatee, slick-backed hair, and handlebar mustache comes to mind.

Weight loss sabotage

“You know what would make that celery taste awesome? Wrapping it in bacon and dipping it in butter.”

When in reality it’s the little things that can cause the biggest hiccups. A few weeks back Chelsea wrote a great article about how our spouses can be sabotaging our diet and it’s certainly not on purpose. We don’t want loved ones to be unhealthy, and we certainly don’t want to be unhealthy…so where does the sabotage come from?

For me it was the convenience of my old lifestyle. Eating unhealthy is easy because it doesn’t take any thinking, and when I was working out I had a number that was my plateau. A weight that I could not pass no matter how hard I tried. The only problem was that the number became an excuse to give up.

My workouts would be less involved, and my effort would slowly begin to wane as I approached that fateful number. ‘I’m not going to get past it,’ I would think, ‘So why work so hard when the results will be the same?’

The truth is that I could pass the number, but my own thoughts and actions were creating the barrier. It’s not like my metabolism changed or halted when I got close to it.

It was a convenient excuse for me to give up. That’s the kind of sabotage that will ensure failure when it comes to exercise and healthy lifestyles. It’s the little things that make giving up the easier and logical choice. But in the end, is giving up on your health ever really that logical?

What sorts of things have you told yourself in the past that have sabotaged your weight loss goals? What are your best excuses for going back to the way things were? How did you change your state of mind? Did you? Or are you just waiting for another good excuse to quit?

Makes you almost wish for the guy with the goatee. At least you KNOW he’s evil right from the get-go.

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