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Weight Loss That Works: Little Package, Big Results

So you want to lose weight.

Like most people who’ve attempted weight loss before, you probably feel like you’ve tried everything. And even when something works, it doesn’t work for long.

Most diets leave you feeling hungry, or they drain your bank account, or they take up way too much of your time, or they include foods that just don’t taste good… or all of the above! With all of these issues, how are you supposed to stick to your plan to lose weight and keep it off?

IdealShake can solve all of these problems for you. It’s a meal replacement shake for weight loss that tastes great, won’t break the bank, saves you time, and actually controls hunger.

You heard that right! Real hunger control, great taste, on-the-go convenience, and complete nutrition at a price that won’t come close to breaking the bank.

Serious Hunger Control

Feeling like you’re starving is one of the biggest obstacles to sticking with a weight loss plan. When all you can think about is food, you’re that much more likely to veer off of your plan and binge on cookies, or head straight to the drive-thru for some fries after work.

This is where Slendesta® comes in. We chose Slendesta® to be the hunger-blocker in every flavor of IdealShake because it’s so effective. Slendesta® is derived from potato protein, and it helps your body tell your brain that it’s satisfied and doesn’t need more to eat. It’s that simple.

Slendesta® isn’t a stimulant, and it doesn’t have the unpleasant side-effects of lots of other weight loss supplements. It won’t leave you feeling like you drank too much coffee this morning! But it will keep you from feeling overwhelmed by hunger when you’re trying to avoid meals that aren’t part of your weight loss plan.

Because we want you to feel how effective IdealShake is at controlling hunger and facilitating weight loss, we want you to try our delicious flavors, so you can see how effective IdealShake really is!

Super Convenient

You might think that you don’t have the time to commit to a weight loss plan, but IdealShake makes it SO easy.

How? Because all you have to do to replace a high-calorie meal with low-calorie IdealShake is add one scoop of IdealShake to 8 oz of water or any fat-free milk. Add water, add IdealShake, shake it up, and go!

And for when you do have time (I know, I know, when is that?!), you can add IdealShake to a huge variety of delicious low-calorie smoothies to switch it up and give yourself an even bigger nutritional boost that’s still totally portable.

And speaking of nutrition, IdealShake gives you everything you need to lose weight and feel great.

Powerful Nutrition

There’s a reason we call IdealShake a meal replacement shake. It’s because IdealShake packs so much nutritional punch that it really does replace an entire balanced meal in your diet.

In fact, if you follow our IdealPlan for weight loss, we recommend replacing two whole meals every day with a tasty IdealShake or IdealShake smoothie.

Let’s be honest here: So many weight loss plans and supplements completely ignore the fact that your weight loss needs to be sustainable. And that means taking great care of your body so that it can keep going strong during and after weight loss.

That’s why IdealShake contains vitamins and minerals that your body needs to get slim and stay strong. Each serving of IdealShake packs 11g of protein and 4-5g of fiber that work with Slendesta® to help keep you feeling satisfied for up to three full hours, but LESS fat and sugar than the shakes you’re used to seeing.

The result? Complete nutrition with a huge cut in calories consumed. And that means weight loss.


Major Value


You won’t find many weight loss plans that cost you less and give you all the nutrition you need to fuel your weight loss journey.

IdealShake doesn’t only cost you less than gimmicky weight loss meals that leave you starving an hour later, it costs even less than the cheap fast-food that only helps you pile on the pounds while satisfying a craving.

IdealShake busts your cravings without busting your wallet, and it prevents hunger from overtaking you and sabotaging your best weight loss efforts.

Find Your Flavor!

IdealShake comes in so many awesome flavors that you can purchase any time.

Plus, keep an eye out for some super tasty seasonal flavors throughout the year! And ALL of these flavors go great in healthy smoothies you can make in minutes.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to find your favorite flavor. We think you’ll love it.

Katharine Stevenson

Katharine Stevenson

Writer and expert

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