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What Holiday Weight Battle!?

holiday weight gainAnnouncing a new program to help you keep your brain and body fit through the holidays! No more holiday weight gain!

  • Brain Food addresses sleep quality, addictions and other factors indirectly connected to weight management
  • Hypnotherapy is an effective method of therapy for changing subconscious thoughts and behaviors

As many are making plans to sidestep winter weight gain and get a head-start on New Year’s fitness resolutions, we’ve launched a new way to stay on track: weight loss hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is used in the practices of psychology and psychiatry to help individuals make changes on conscious and subconscious levels. Hypnotherapy first creates a state of relaxation and receptivity in the listener, and then uses repetition and reinforcement, visualization techniques, meditation and positive suggestion to effect the desired changes — which are often permanent or long-term.

Our new audio hypnotherapy program, Brain Food, applies traditional principles of hypnotherapy to the psychological challenges that cause weight gain, including:

IdealShape is one of the first weight loss companies to use hypnotherapy in a weight loss program. We began using hypnotherapy with our clients in 2009, because, despite customized fitness and nutrition plans, they were not achieving their weight loss goals.

“Either people weren’t losing weight, or they lost it and gained it back,” says David Meine, IdealShape’s VP of Product Development and Technology. “We realized the missing piece of our weight loss program was a mental component — that you have to train the brain to adopt new, healthy habits.”

Meine created and recorded the Brain Food audio program for overweight and obese individuals, as well as those who have difficulty implementing a diet or fitness regimen. He is a certified Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss Specialist through the American Hypnosis Association.

Since adding a hypnotherapy component to its weight loss program, IdealShape’s clients have been more successful in reaching and sustaining their weight loss goals.

“Using hypnotherapy has been so much more effective than simply telling a person, ‘Do this and don’t do that,’” explains Skyler Meine, Certified Personal Trainer and VP of Sales and Marketing at IdealShape. “You have to create a mental foundation for weight loss. Sudden changes or reversals of long-time habits rarely work or stick.”

Brain Food Program Description

Brain Food is a six-course audio program. Each course or CD is listened to for 30 days and reinforces the thoughts and behaviors introduced in previous courses. By the end of the program, listeners are expected to have completely erased negative habits, and replaced them with habits conducive to long-term, sustainable health and weight management.

The first course in the Brain Food series, “Building a Foundation,” is available now at our Brain Food page or by phone at 800-515-0896. Brain Food can be used by itself or in conjunction with our complete Body Shaping Program.

About IdealShape

We’re a Lindon, Utah-based weight loss company with clients across the U.S. We teach people how to build a foundation for lifelong health and fitness. In addition to our Body Shaping Program, which includes Brain Food, we offer personal training and weight loss boot camps at our Lindon, Utah facility.

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Chelsea Ratcliff

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