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What To Do When Life Events Threaten Your Weight Loss Goals

What To Do When Life Events Threaten Your Weight Loss GoalsYou hang up the phone after getting the bad news. Mentally, you start asking yourself why this bad thing had to happen? Why today?

Things in your life have been going so well. Over the past 6 weeks you have shed 15 pounds on your weight loss plan and now this…

As you walk through the house it feels as if there is a magnetic pull to the kitchen. Your heart is beating fast, your breathing is labored, and the negative thoughts are coming faster and faster.

Standing before the pantry, you think about the hidden bag of your favorite unhealthy snack. While bending down and reaching for the bag something in the back of your mind is trying to stop you…

What I have described is the moment of despair that is going to lead to some potentially negative consequences for your weight loss goals. We have all been there: stress from family, work, friends, and life in general.

Over the years we have programmed our minds and bodies to turn to comfort foods. Comfort foods are loaded with sugars, salt, and unhealthy ingredients.

How do you take a very negative situation that I have described and make a positive decision under stress? What do you do when life events threaten your weight loss goals?

Let’s state what needs to happen at that moment of despair. You have the opportunity to make a choice.

For example, you could choose to either grab a piece of fruit or eat comfort food that is unhealthy and could derail your goals.

There is a very powerful way to overcome that stressful moment. My research and experience has led me to the power of positive affirmations. Let me give you an example of an affirmation that you can train your mind to use in that moment of despair. Repeat these phrases aloud:

“I choose healthy foods and it creates my health body shape”

“I am pain-free because of my healthy food choices”

“I exercise to help my brain perform at its optimal peak”

“I will wear my ideal size pant and shirt for life”

what to do when life events threaten your weight loss goalsCreating a positive affirmation for your weight loss plan and repeating it out loud several times a day for a period of time will make it automatic.

It is also important to write it down for you to review. Most of my clients tape it to their mirror or fridge and read it out loud each time they are standing in front of it.

In time, this positive statement will come to mind at a moment of weakness when faced with stress.

The key is to prepare in advance by training your mind to use these short powerful affirmations.

For the past decade, I have been able to eliminate all medications, create my ideal body shape, and increase my overall happiness. The power of positive thinking has led me to my ideal.

So, the next time you get bad news while creating your ideal body shape, have your positive affirmation already programmed in your mind. This will help you stay on track for your weight loss goals!

By David Meine

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