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Where to Start With Exercise

02G35419When it comes to living healthier, we’ve put a lot of emphasis on eating healthier and supplementation and sometimes it seems that we’re really letting the fitness side fall to the wayside. Chelsea is our go to gal for fitness ideas and she’s written some very helpful articles, but still we get asked a lot where to start with exercise.


When it comes to exercise we understand the same principles that come from eating healthier still apply. If you start out by asking too much of yourself, more than what you are ready for, then it won’t work. If given the option in black and white, between an exercise routine that might be too much, and no exercise at all…we’re much more likely to choose the latter.


So, how do you set up an exercise that works for you? Something that can be used as a step up approach and dialed back when life happens and you feel you can’t devote as much time to it?


For that we went to Skyler Meine, IdealShape’s VP of Sales, a Certified Personal Trainer who you might recognize as one of the coaches over at He responded by creating the 90-Day Shape Up Challenge and right now, we’re offering it for free to our customers.


The 90 Day Challenge is set up to give you a simple exercise regimen that can be scaled and combined in different ways to create a fitness routine that works for your specific lifestyle. The program is divided into 10 minute exercise segments with workouts that are specifically designed to be less intense yet easily scaled to match what works for you.


Check it out, but remember that this decision is going to be a lot on you and your willpower. Working out for 30 minutes isn’t going to give you the results you want if you’re not ready to sweat.


The decision is up to you, but we’re making it easy because right now, the decision is free. What have you got to lose?


Other than a few pounds of course.

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