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A Family Camping Trip Inspired Chelsie to Lose 101 Pounds

Ship Shape Challenge Winner Chelsie Bennion

As a young wife and mother of two, 23-year-old Chelsie Bennion should’ve been living her life to the fullest: enjoying time with friends and family, playing with her kids, relaxing with her husband. But because of her weight, Chelsie could not fully enjoy any of these things!

“I was so insecure I didn’t even want to take the garbage out because I didn’t want my neighbors seeing me,” Chelsie shared.

At her heaviest weight Chelsie was 302 pounds. She felt ashamed and embarrassed. She looked around her and saw friends that were the cute soccer mom type and wanted to be that same cute mom!

The turning point came last summer when Chelsie went on a family camping trip with her husband and kids. It was a blazing hot summer with temperatures reaching 105 degrees!

Chelsie Bennion before picture“I was seeing all these girls walk around in shorts and flip-flops and cute Fourth of July tank tops and here I am in leggings and a baggy T-shirt because I still had the baby weight and belly, it was so miserable,” Chelsie recalls.

Chelsie was so embarrassed that she couldn’t even bring herself to go down to the lake with her husband and kids.

“This has got to go!” Chelsie told herself.

It was at that moment that Chelsie knew she needed to do something about her weight. It was time to make a change. As soon as she got home from the camping trip, she began researching which program could get her the results she wanted.

That’s when she found IdealShape.

Chelsie was a little skeptical to begin with. She had tried other meal replacement shakes that didn’t deliver on their promises, and she wondered if IdealShape was any different.

“I tried Isagenix and I lasted maybe two weeks because it was so gross and I was always starving. I’ve tried AdvoCare and it just didn’t work for me either. I was so skeptical to try IdealShape because I didn’t know if it was going to keep me full,” Chelsie said.

But to her surprise, IdealShake was everything she had been looking for! The first time she tried IdealShake she felt full and satisfied, something she hadn’t experienced when she had tried other meal replacement shakes.

Chelsie loved that IdealShake helped stop her bad snacking habits. When she first started taking IdealShake she even had to remind herself to eat.

“I would get up, make a shake at 8 am, and do my thing, and then it would be noon and I’d be like, ‘Oh crap, I didn’t snack yet! I’m still not hungry!'” Chelsie chuckled.

Chelsie drinks a shake for breakfast and lunch with light snacks in between and eats a whole food meal that she tries to keep between 400-500 calories. She also loves Strawberry Pinapple IdealBoost because it’s delicious and the perfect pick-me-up.

“I love the Cookies ‘N Cream shake with sugar free vanilla pudding powder. It’s so good, it’s the only way I’ll drink it,” Chelsie shares.

6 Months and 101 pounds later Chelsie is enjoying life like she never thought possible!

“I have this confidence, even though I still have quite a bit of weight to go until I hit my goal weight,” Chelsie says.

Chelsie Bennion After Picture

One of Chelsie’s biggest goals when she began her weight loss journey was to get out of plus size clothes, and she’s achieved that!

“Shopping, I instantly go to the plus size section, but then I think, ‘Wait, what am I doing over here?’ because I can fit into a large in women’s now!” Chelsie says.

Chelsie used to hate going shopping. When her mom and sister would invite Chelsie to go to the mall with them she would turn down the invitation because she didn’t want to feel embarrassed. Oh how the tables have turned!

“Now it’s me calling them! ‘Hey let’s go to the mall!’ It’s them pulling me out of the stores to leave,” Chelsie shares.

She’s already started to go on more hikes and live a more active lifestyle with her family. This summer Chelsie looks forward to discovering new hobbies and passions and is looking forward to all the things she’ll be able to do once the weather warms up.

Setting clear goals and having visual reminders have been a big part of Chelsie’s motivation and success.

At the end of August, Chelsie set an overall goal to lose 140 pounds in a year, but she also gave herself mile markers.

“My goal was to lose 10 pounds a month and I was losing way more than that,” Chelsie says.

When temptation strikes, like birthday cake, ice cream shops, and other treats she used to love, Chelsie just reminds herself how badly she wants to reach her goal.

In addition to creating rock solid goals that kept her on track, Chelsie also used visual reminders to keep her going strong.

“I found that my secret to success was hanging a picture of the old me on the fridge. I’m talking old me in a bikini. I use that picture as a reminder so that whenever I get that urge to go snack I look at that picture and it instantly makes me make healthy choices,” Chelsie reveals.

Chelsie still has 40 pounds to go to reach her ultimate weight loss goal but she’s way ahead of schedule and we have no doubt that she’ll crush it!

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