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David Found What Worked for Him and Lost 75 Pounds

August Ship Shape Winner David Lost 75 Pounds

18-year-old David Smith was always big. As a high school football player David needed to stay big in order to be successful as an athlete. Even though David accepted the fact that he didn’t have much of a choice, he didn’t like the way he looked or felt.

“I played football as a lineman because our team didn’t have very many lineman but the other skill positions were filled so I pretty much had to play the line every year I played football,” David explains.

In November when his season ended, David decided that he was not going to pursue a college football career. It was then that David knew he was finally ready to lose extra weight that he had held onto all through high school.

“Directly after football season I really decided I want to lose weight. I really just don’t want to be this big anymore, there’s no use for it,” David shares.

Lucky for David, he knew exactly where to turn. Over the last few years David watched his mom, Kelly Smith, lose almost 200 pounds with IdealShape. Her weight loss journey was the motivation he needed to find his own ideal shape.

“Part of what motivated me was seeing my mom and she was losing all her weight and having fun with life. That was really cool to see!” David says.

Even though David doesn’t like shakes (not even protein shakes) he stuck with the products and routine that worked for him. Cutting back on calories, eating out less, and working out four days a week helped him achieve success!

With the help of IdealShape, David lost 75 pounds!

“My mom helped me out starting with the IdealShape stuff and it just really worked for me. I pretty much used the IdealBoost, IdealBars, and IdealBurn,” David explains. “I’ve never really liked any kind of shakes, not even protein shakes. But the bars and the boost and stuff really did work to suppress my appetite.”

When baseball season rolled around that spring David found it challenging to stick to his good habits. The days that he had baseball games were the longest, making it hard for him to eat healthy. But with his incredible support system, David didn’t let it hold him back.

“Seeing my mom lose her weight was the biggest impact because it helps me to keep mine off. She’s just a great role model,” David says.

Baseball even helped David realize how much of a difference losing the weight made in his life. He didn’t just look better and feel better, his athletic performance had also improved as well.

“I’d always been decently fast even as the big kid but I was the second fastest kid on the team this year and everyone was like, ‘Wow.’ So that was pretty awesome,” David says.

With college about to start this fall, David is excited to begin his school year with confidence. And he’s not the only one that’s noticed the difference, his friends are also impressed by what he’s been able to accomplish!

“I can’t go out with people without them being like, ‘Dang, he’s lost a lot of weight!'”

David loved using the IdealBar weight loss snack to help him reach his ideal shape. Get IdealBars as part of the 30 day IdealPlan, on sale right now. It’s the perfect way to jumpstart your own weight loss journey! Click the banner below to shop the sale.


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