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“Watching Him Cross the Finish Line Inspired Me to Lose 81 Pounds”

“That’s me and Mike at the start of his Ironman race,” Leigh says, referring to the picture below.

In November of 2013, the 38-year-old Michigan mother of three watched her husband complete his first Ironman triathlon. At the time, she wore a size 18 and weighed 211 pounds.

Leigh had gained weight with her first pregnancy 12 years ago and never lost it. After the birth of her second and third girls, the weight kept adding up, she says. “As busy as we got, I stopped caring.”

But on race day, things changed.

“Our three daughters and I watched him train for the past eight months,” Leigh says. “Watching him cross the finish line was inspirational.” She, too, wanted to get in shape and be a healthy role model for their kids.

Leigh’s friend Sam was also there that day and her husband had completed an Ironman the year before. Together they realized that both of their husbands were in great shape, but they were miserable. “I was like, why can’t we do that?” she says.

That’s when we decided enough was enough.”

On that day, exactly one year ago, Leigh and Sam made a game plan.

First, they struck a deal with their husbands. Since the guys had a year to train for their race, “we get a year to get our stuff back in order,” they said, “and then we’ll find a way to balance it.”

Next, they spent two weeks focusing on their diets, eliminating junk food, snacks and wine, and getting in the habit of tracking calories.

Finally they were ready to join a gym, which Leigh says was “way out of my comfort zone.” She got on a treadmill for the first time in her life, but was soon exercising 4-5 times a week, including one day a week with a trainer!

Leigh also started having an IdealShake each day, often as her pre-workout meal. (She shared her favorite workout smoothie: vanilla IdealShake, bananas, peanut butter and almond milk. Yum!)

I’m more proud of my body than I have ever been.”

Leigh after

Although Leigh and Sam had set an incentive for each 10-pound mile marker, they quickly realized what they saw in the mirror was the real reward. “As soon as we started seeing the weight come off, we didn’t need to go get a massage or a new purse,” she says.

Exactly one year after beginning her journey, Leigh has lost 81 pounds and wears a size 4. She loves how strong she feels: “I’ve got muscles that I never knew I had!”

“More important than losing weight, I have shown my daughters that no matter how big the mountain, with some dedication you can accomplish anything,” she says

Leigh says IdealShape was an integral part of her transformation. “It was my go-to nutrition. It made it easy to stay within my calorie goals each day.”

She also couldn’t have completed the journey without her friend Sam and the support of her family. “That gorgeous man next to me is a big reason why I started this healthy lifestyle,” she says. “He made it possible for me to focus on me.”

Way to go Leigh and her support system! 😀

Leigh and Sam

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Chelsea Ratcliff

Chelsea Ratcliff

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