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Why This Month’s Challenge Winner, Linda, Deserves Three Cheers!

Linda Acosta is our newest winner of the IdealShape Up Challenge (workout contest) and our June winner of the IdealShape Weight Loss Challenge!

Since embarking on the IdealShape Up Challenge last October, Linda has lost 36 pounds. But there’s more to her journey than that…

In 2010, Linda suffered two ruptured discs in her lower back that put her in a wheelchair for almost a year. Previously active, she gained 25 pounds. She was eager to get back to her favorite activities, but it took a year of diligent physical therapy just to be able to walk again. She still was far from her ideal.

“They just show you how to walk again, which was great, but that’s it,” Linda says. “I was expecting to get back out there. So after that, I was on my own and thinking, what am I supposed to do now?”

Linda was up to 180 pounds by the time she found the IdealShape Up Challenge, after searching for exercise programs online (we were the #1 hit. Woot!). “When I read the landing page, I was like no way, will this work?” she says. “But everything just fit into place like it was meant to be.”

And it was meant to be: Linda is now in her THIRD round of the 12-week challenge! She says she loves the workout videos because they show proper exercise form. She’s lost 36 pounds to date, and the pounds keep dropping every week. But more importantly, she gets to do the activities she loves again.

“I’m a runner now!” Linda says. “The furthest I’ve run is 16 miles, and I’m anxious to do a half marathon, just waiting to schedule it with my husband.”

It was hard for Linda to start exercising despite the back pain. “I won’t lie. It hurt at first,” she says. “But just learning the proper exercise form, the pain started to diminish each time. And the weight loss has just been a plus. Now I’m almost totally pain-free.”

Linda says she also got a boost along the way by using IdealShake to replace one meal a day. Now that she’s burning calories with rigorous exercise, she uses it three days a week. Her favorite recipe: “I do a twist: a half scoop of chocolate and half scoop of vanilla with a banana. It tastes like a banana split.”

“I just want to say, even if I didn’t win, I was just so happy about what you guys did for me,” she says. “I’m going to cry. It was major.”

Of course, Linda did the hard work. From being confined in a wheelchair to working out six times a week? We couldn’t be more impressed and inspired!

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