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“How I Lost 30 Pounds Just in Time for My Wedding!” Nicole’s Success Story

Nicole Starling never had to worry about her weight growing up. In high school she realized she could eat whatever she wanted without gaining weight. In college she didn’t gain the freshman 15. in fact she lost weight.

Nicole never thought that weight would be an issue for her… that is, until she started rounding the corner towards 30.

At 29 ½, the pounds started to pile on and she had no idea what to do about it. The worst part was that her wedding was only months away, and her wedding dress was already bought and paid for.

Ship Shape Challenge Winner Nicole Starling

At her January dress fitting, with the wedding only three months away, she was shocked and embarrassed: The dress didn’t fit.

It’s every bride’s worst nightmare and it happened to Nicole. She broke down in tears. The dress wouldn’t even zip up halfway!

“I cried at the fitting and all my friends were like, ‘It’s ok, everybody gains weight!'”

At first, Nicole resigned herself to the idea that there was nothing she could do about her weight gain. She didn’t believe in herself and didn’t think that she could lose the weight, so she had her dress let out.

“I was just really embarrassed at what I didn’t realize I’d become.”

In three to four months Nicole went from weighing 135 pounds to 175! But, even though Nicole didn’t believe in herself, her fiance did. He took to the internet to find the best weight loss solution for his bride-to-be.

Woman and her Husband Taking a Walk

That’s when IdealShape came into Nicole’s life.

With the help of IdealShake, IdealBoost, and IdealBars, Nicole was able to lose 30 pounds in time for her wedding.

IdealShake was a simple and delicious breakfast that she could have before work. It was like a thin milkshake. And, with the added hunger blocker, Nicole felt full and energized. Plus, because IdealBoost gave Nicole her caffeine fix, she was able to cut out soda from her diet!

Three months and 30 pounds after her January fitting, the dress she had to let out was now too big.

“I didn’t believe in myself and I should have, and maybe if I had believed in myself sooner I wouldn’t have been in that situation.”

Woman Jogging with Her Dog

Now that she’s lost the weight, Nicole loves that she has more energy. Her spirit of positivity and upbeat attitude are contagious! Losing 30 pounds was hard for Nicole because, in the past, she had never had to worry about her weight, but her accomplishment has not gone unnoticed.

Nicole enjoys going jogging with her now-husband and her dog, and she finally feels good about herself and her body.

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