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Susan Cole Lost 65 Pounds and Gained a Zest for Life!

IdealShape Up Challenge Winner Susan Cole

“I started [IdealShape Up Challenge] right after my dad died. And I was at my highest weight ever,” says Susan Cole. “I was just like, ‘What am I doing to myself?’.”

At 47 years old, Susan’s sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition were holding her back.

“I was a heart attack waiting to happen,” Susan admits.

Susan would even run out of breath doing simple tasks like walking up one flight of stairs.

But, watching her dad get sick and pass away was the catalyst she needed to transform her health and turn her life around. The very same week her dad passed, she was online searching for a solution, praying to God to help her find the answer.

That’s when she found IdealShape.

She spent hours watching success stories and thinking to herself, “I could be HER! I can relate to HER! I have to try this!”

Susan has lost an amazing 65 pounds since starting her journey with IdealShape!

Susan Cole Showing She Finished a RaceSusan dove in head first! She joined the IdealShape Up Challenge and started the IdealPlan.

She never used to eat breakfast, but now she loves her routine of eating every three hours. Following the IdealPlan has become an anchoring habit for her, it’s just what she does.

She loves Chocolate IdealShake plain, no mix-ins, to start her day off. Because she has a major sweet tooth, still having her chocolate was an important piece of the puzzle for Susan.

In addition to her daily chocolate fix Susan also loves IdealBars and IdealBoost. For dinner she enjoys eating balanced meals with her family.

It was the combination of the IdealShape Up Challenge and the IdealPlan, that really had the pounds falling off for Susan.

Having the support of the IdealShape Up Challenge Facebook community was also a big help.

“I found the support on the Facebook group to be very helpful, from answering my questions about being so sore in the beginning to cheering me on through all the daily challenges and improvements,” says Susan.

But, her transformation goes way beyond pounds lost. Susan’s quality of life has improved dramatically!

“I feel so completely alive and involved in life!”

Before joining the IdealShape Up Challenge Susan was not an active person. She didn’t workout or go the gym, she didn’t even like gym in grade school.

But now, not only does she enjoy her daily workouts with Lindsey and Kaytlin, she looks forward to them!Susan Cole's Vow Renewal

She has tons of energy to do things that she loves doing, like going on hikes her with husband of 25 years. She even recently ran in her first ever 5k race with her son.

She’s even rediscovering an old passion for skiing.

Susan and her husband spent their honeymoon skiing in Colorado and even took their sons skiing when they were young. But, as the pounds crept on and she became more sedentary she didn’t have the energy to enjoy it.

This winter she plans on going skiing with her husband and sons for the first time in more than a decade!

Ultimately Susan doesn’t have a final number in mind when it comes to her goal weight. “I’ll end up where I end up,” she says.

For her, it’s all about the experience.

“I have enjoyed every single solitary point in this entire journey! I have had so much fun with it!”

Kirsten Jackson

Kirsten Jackson

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