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Tasha Lost 40 Pounds in 3 Months and Regained Her Health

Ship Shape Challenge Winner Tasha Brown

When 2016 rolled around, Tasha Brown—a mom of five, grandma to one, business woman and wife—decided she was ready for change. She was disgusted by her body and ashamed of the way she looked.

Most of all she was sick and tired of random strangers mistakenly thinking she was pregnant. One moment stuck in her mind more than most:

“I was at the store and this sweet lady (maybe 70 years old, wouldn’t hurt a fly) was checking me out. And she asked me, ‘Do you need help out to the car with that? We don’t want you to have your baby in the parking lot.’ My heart sank,” Tasha explains.

At the start of her journey, Tasha weighed 190 pounds, which was quite the turnaround from her younger days as an active gymnast and cheerleader when she weighed little more than 100 pounds. Even though Tasha was unhappy with her body, her family never said a word about her weight.

“[My husband] never noticed the weight changes (or so he says… again, he’s super cute and sweet),” Tasha shares.

But as the new year approached, Tasha decided to take control of her life and her body.

On January 2nd, Tasha emailed her sisters, enlisting their help and support. Both of her sisters are healthy and fit so she knew they would be the right people to help her on her weight loss journey.

“I emailed both of my sisters and I said, ‘I hate both of you! You’re both beautiful and skinny. I need both of you guys. I’m sick of myself!'” Tasha says. “My older sister emailed me back immediately and said, ‘Go to the mirror right now, lift up your shirt, and take a picture of yourself.'” So Tasha did!

It was Tasha’s sister who introduced her to Trainer Lindsey’s 15 Day Fit Body challenge. Tasha started her first 15 Day Challenge on January 11th and has been following the 15 Day meal plan ever since!

“When I first started losing weight, 15 pounds, 16, 17, I went back and looked at the picture that I took. I couldn’t believe it. I showed the picture to my sister and she said, ‘Tasha you have to share this with our Facebook group, you have no idea how much you’ve changed,'” Tasha says.

Tasha completed 4 rounds of the 15 Day Fit Body Challenge and lost 40 pounds!

The 15 Day Fit Body Challenge worked for Tasha. She loved everything about the plan, from the meal plans and recipes to the fact that she could bring the nutrition eBook with her everywhere on her phone. The 15 Day Challenge spelled out exactly what she needed to do in order to burn fat and build lean muscle.

The fact that she loves the Chocolate Brownie IdealLean Protein is a major plus too 😉

One of the biggest factors in her success was her support system. Tasha wasn’t doing the Challenge alone; she had her family to back her up and help her stay accountable.

“Me and my mother and my younger sister and my older sister, we all four signed up. We constantly, every day, touched base. We talked about the meal plans and asked each other, ‘Did you get your buffalo chicken in the crock pot?’ It was amazing support,” Tasha says.

On top of the 15 Day Challenge, Tasha was also running two miles each day to visit her mom. And when she got there her mom was waiting with their post-workout shakes ready to go.
“I couldn’t believe that such simple decisions and what I’ve learned from Lindsey have changed my life.”

Tasha admits that the weight loss wasn’t even the biggest change she experienced. After she began the 15 Day Fit Body Challenge she experienced a complete turnaround in her health.

“I was plagued with migraines to the point of losing my vision, nauseating. I had really bad stomach pains with a lot of gas and part of that I think was the dairy but I didn’t know anything about unsweetened almond milk. Who would’ve known that? I would look at that stuff at the grocery store and wonder, ‘Ew, what’s that for?’ I didn’t even consider it,” Tasha reveals.

Even though Tasha struggled with health issues, she refused to take medications for it. She was not a “pill-taker” and didn’t like the idea of walking around with multiple prescriptions. Apparently the 15 Day Challenge meal plan was exactly what she needed.

“I’m migraine-free, stomach pain-free, and gas-free. I’m not sick. Every day I can’t believe I feel good. It’s just amazing the difference,” Tasha shares.

Tasha’s husband and kids are even getting on board with her healthy eating after seeing her amazing results.

“When I first began this, I told everyone I’m doing this plan, I’m going to change my lifestyle and everyone else was like, ‘Whatever, I want to eat french fries.’ But then when they started to see the changes in me… they have slowly merged over with me,” Tasha says.

Tasha’s advice for anyone who wants to follow in her footsteps is:

  1. Jump in with both feet and
  2. Learn the content!

Because Tasha learned the content backwards and forwards and followed her meal plan to a T, she was able to achieve unbelievable results!

If you think you’re ready to take on the 15 Day Fit Body Challenge like Tasha did, go for it (click here)! But if you’re looking for a challenge to help get things started, try the 12 Week IdealShape Up Challenge. It’s 12 weeks of workouts plus an awesome meal plan all for FREE. Take the Challenge today!

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